May Snapshots

May was a weird month of the in between stage. Our house was sold but we still had time before packing/moving. Tying up lots of loose ends with rental things and new house things. And working through annoying inspection stuff with our house sale. It kind of felt like a long month, to be honest.

Ira got a weird fever for several days so we were stuck at home a lot. One gorgeous Sunday Devin volunteered to stay home with sick Ira so Henrik and I could do a zoo date. We had so much fun together. One-on-one time with Henrik is kind of rare for me and I realized how much we both need it.

Henrik started t-ball. Just a low-key program once a week through the Y. He has really seemed to enjoy it and it's a good experience for him to be on a team for the first time. Though the word team should be used loosely. 

We went to a benefit walk for my cousin's little guy and Henrik and Fiona held hands through part of the walk. It was insanely cute. Love these two cousins so much. We're really going to miss seeing Fi when she's in Africa this next year!

Mother's Day was really special to be at my mom's house with some family. Being a mom is super hard and I know I'm doing a million things wrong, but these boys are so incredibly special and I love that I get to watch them grow up as their mom.

We finished up a great year at BSF. We're all missing our Tuesdays and Wednesdays at CATC. I wish I had a picture with my awesome co-leader, but our 3 boys will have to do.

I've tried to be fun mom as much as possible and let the boys have their reign of things outdoors. It's created a lot of laundry but so worth it. Henrik and Ira are playing together more and more and sometimes I don't even know where they are for awhile and I love that. It often includes fighting and Ira crying but I'd say they get along more than they don't so that's a win.

We're down to about a week until we close and move out. Packing is in full swing and I'm starting to feel a bit melancholy about leaving this place. But I'll save that for another post. Bring on a crazy June where we are homeless for most of it. :)


smw said...

We were homeless for 5 weeks before we could move into our current house. It was much harder for me emotionally than I imagined. So if you find yourself feeling off about it, feel free to call or text and I'll be glad to listen. Praying for smooth transitions!

Betsy said...

May you have grace for the time in flux. And good for you being fun mom! I have tried hard to, but mostly the mean adult in me takes over.

leah said...

great recap. love you being a fun mom!!! i think i need some training in that area. haha. i could have copy/pasted what betsy said + not liking getting super dirty. good for you!

sarah.flyingkites said...

so enjoyed this post. Cute little snip-its of your life!

Way to go on the mud, btw! Eek!

J and M said...

Ira looking at Henrick 😍.. I know that look and see it from Max to Jones every day.