Ira's Accident

I wanted to quickly document our sweet Ira's unfortunate accident this week.

Tuesday, September 27: Devin had just gotten home work and I was heading out right away to go to Fort Wayne for a monthly group I'm in. Devin was keeping Ira in the garage as I backed out. Henrik was playing inside of Devin's car, which is irrelevant, but that's where he was. Ira was climbing around on the folded up bike trailer. He either tried to climb off and the bike trailer rolled or he just lost his balance and fell. He fell on to my bike which was in front of the trailer. He fell near the back tire and chain area. We aren't sure exactly what he cut his face on.

I saw him fall as I was backing out and rolled my eyes that we didn't stop him from climbing up there but figured it wasn't a big deal. Boys fall a lot. But the look on Devin's face told me I should get out of the car and check it out. As soon as I saw him I knew I wasn't going to Fort Wayne and we were taking him to the ER.

This was taken after the wounds had been cleaned up a bit but before stitches.

Due to the large slice through his nose, they needed to sedate him and have a plastic surgeon do all the stitches. I was glad about this because as soon as I saw his nose after the accident I was worried about how it was going to look long-term.

The three attempts to get an IV in him was definitely the worst part of the whole thing. As a mom, holding down your son while they shove needles in and out of his arm is one of the worst ways you can spend your evening.

We didn't love watching him be "consciously sedated" and seeing all the stitching, but also didn't feel right leaving the room. So we stayed and turned our heads a lot.

Coming out of sedation, all stitched up.

We were at the hospital for a little over four hours. This was plenty of time to be in a depressing ER with dry air, no windows, and way too many fluorescent lights (good thing I'm not a nurse).

Our very sweet friends Brad and Jen had taken Henrik for us before we went to the hospital. They fed him dinner, and let him hang out until we got home at 10PM. Brad and one of our pastors came to see us and bring us food and pray for Ira. The next day my SIL Laura watched Ira so Henrik and I could still go to BSF and she brought us dinner and cleaned up my messy kitchen. We have such good people around us.

The following morning this is what Ira looked like. It's kind of hard for me to look at it and wonder if he face will ever be perfect again, but I know that's a superficial worry. We are really thankful it wasn't worse, because it could have been.


Heather Hoerr said...

oh no.. so glad he's ok and it wasn't worse! definitely not a fun way to spend an evening that you thought was going to be with friends :/ prayers for a speedy recovery! and I'm sure he'll always be cute :)

leah said...

so thankful for the people around you that helped you during this time - i love that! glad it wasn't any worse and he seems to be on the mend. praying for a full healing!

& i started tearing up at the IV part. i remember that in the NICU with baby ivan and it was horrible!

Linda said...

This whole post makes me cringe but I'm so thankful he is still smiling! Love this boy!

sandra said...

Oh how awful it is to watch your child be prodded and poked and wrenching in pain. Mommy hearts just ache. I totally get it. So very thankful it wasn't any worse. I bet his cute little face will be just as cute when all said and done. Amazing how our bodies heal.

sarah.flyingkites said...

Selfishly I was hoping you'd share what happened :)

I am so sorry! This looks traumatic all around. So thankful it's behind you.