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This summer wasn't the best for creativity in the kitchen. I felt tired of cooking and uninspired, which sadly usually lends itself to not eating as healthy. Thank goodness for those Costco rotisserie chickens and salad packs. ;) I did, however, try a couple new meals this summer that we loved so I made them a lot. I'll share some recent favorites in case anyone else is needing new material! These are all serious winners!

*Per my usual disclosure, it's rare for me to follow a recipe exactly. I'm always substituting or changing small things. But for the most part I followed these closely.

Garlic Lemon Chicken w/ spicy garlic sauce

I have to add that I don't think the sauce is spicy despite it's name. And sometimes we use a tortilla or flatbread and sometimes just skip the wrap part altogether and just have the other elements with extra veggies.

BBQ Chicken Salad Cilantro Lime Rice Bowls 

This one is a bit more time consuming if you follow the rice directions and make the sauce...but it's worth it! This was one of those meals that as soon as we finished dinner I was already excited to eat the leftovers for the lunch the next day.

Spinach Pasta with Roasted Vegetables 

I added toasted pine nuts and chicken sausage to this pasta. The crunch of the pine nuts added a lot for the texture and the chicken sausage made it more filling for the boys in the family. :) I omitted the red pepper flakes for our kid's sake.

Peanut Sauce over Roasted Vegetables

This is one I've been making for awhile and have probably mentioned it before, but it's just so good. The other night I made it along with a simple chicken curry. Then both the sweet potatoes and the curry could go over rice and made it more of a complete meal.

All of these meals are either from Mel's or Cookie and Kate. They're just so reliable. I'd love to hear if anyone has discovered a great food blog lately. Still feeling like I could use some new inspiration!

And finally, if you want to try a simple chicken curry with apples, I have an old post for that and it makes an great Fall meal now that apples are back in season!
Simple Chicken Curry

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