Ira, One Year

Two Weeks

12 Months

The transformation of the first year of life never ceases to amaze me. Ira turned one on February 22, while I was in Qatar, so he was loved on by Aunt Sara that day. This kid has been anything but neglected in his first year of life...some may say he was spoiled, which I willingly admit. If you can really spoil a baby? Nursed during the night until 9 months and even now, when he wakes up at 4AM and wants a bottle, he gets it. With Ira I decided I wasn't going to stress about any sort of schedule and just do what seemed right at the time. He wanted his mama (and only his mama) non-stop for most of his first year of life. The loss of freedom was challenging at times, but I'll never regret all the bonding and nurture I did with this little one. 

Ira's stats at one year:

Weight: 22 lbs (60th)
Height: 31 Inches (84th)

Ira loves exploring the house, climbing stairs, throwing balls, and following Henrik around. He dances to anything that has a beat, even if it's just the NutriBullet mixing up a shake. He is becoming more feisty by the day and doesn't put up with any torment from his brother. He gives sloppy, open mouth kisses and loves to rest his head on people as a sign of affection. He loves bottles and his blankie. His favorite foods are chicken, pancakes, and berries.

He's not quite walking yet, but loves to hold my hands and be walked all around the house. He jabbers and sings constantly. Loves to point to random things and "talk" about them and points fiercely to anything he wants me to get for him. He shakes his head in the affirmative to say yes. He smiles so easily and is full of smiles all day long. We love our little Ira so much.


Daveana said...

Happy Birthday Ira!!!

Sara Huber said...

Love you sweet Ira! It's fun to see that newborn photo again...and fun that it actually does still look like him. So cute.

sarah.flyingkites said...

Darling!! 1-year-olds are so fun!

I love how differently your two boys look - so fun!

leah said...

Happy birthday sweet boy! I think it's funny he doesn't put up with any torment from henrik! :)

Linda said...

Love this little guy and enjoyed reading all about him! Wish we could have celebrated with him!