February Life

Dev traded in his real drum kit for an electronic kit. It's allowed him to play whenever without disturbing the peace because the sound just goes into the headphones. I'm happy for him to be able to play more. And it's a great way for Henrik to learn as well!

We got a children's museum pass, so that's been fun. One of these days I will remember to take changes of clothes for the boys. One of them always ends up soaked.

One day we met up with Sara and Fiona at the museum. How cute are Henrik and Fiona?! Love their little friendship. 

Valentine's Day was pretty low key. Church and then brunch afterwards with our neighbors, which was really fun but a little crazy with 5 kids under 5. My mom had sent a Valentine's gift for Henrik, which was awesome since I never think ahead on stuff like this. Henrik was in heaven with all his treats. We spent the rest of the day as a family. Henrik took a nice picture of Devin and I after dinner. :)

Our friends Matt and Lindsay came to visit one weekend. Really fun to have them!

Henrik came down from bed one morning like this. Just sauntering around with his hands in his gym shorts. I felt like I was getting a glimpse into teenage Henrik. 

Sweet little Ira turns one next week! I'll literally be on the other side of the world for his first birthday, which is sad, but really it's probably the best birthday to miss since it's the one they'll never remember. :) Ira doesn't really seem that close to walking. He can't seem to unlock his knees and his legs are just too stiff to walk unassisted. I really don't care when he walks....that's the beauty of the second kid, I'm much less anxious for him to meet milestones. He certainly has no problem climbing up, standing on, and falling down the stairs though.

Devin and I went out last night for a date. I suppose you could call it late Valentine's date or pre-trip date, since tomorrow I leave for a week. Regardless of the reason, it was really fun. We had been wanting to try a newish place downtown, Rook. Fun location and atmosphere and really good food. We finally have a great babysitting option. She's super trustworthy and responsible and seems easy to book. Oh and Henrik loves her. This is a huge praise...I'm annoyingly picky about who watches our kids so that has meant we haven't really gone out a lot since moving. I really feel like this new babysitter is a huge answer to prayer for Dev and I to get out and explore the city together.

This amazing man is being so great about the fact that I'm leaving him with the boys for a week (thankfully a couple of my sisters are helping out so he can work some). Molly and I are heading to Qatar to visit Betsy. A trip that's been on the books since December is finally here! Overall, I'm so excited for this. There's definitely some apprehension about leaving all 3 boys behind, but it's a good reminder that I'm not in control of their safety and well-being anyway...so let it go. 


sarah.flyingkites said...

We loved the "Ira sleeps over" book when we were kids!

Your little family is so fun to follow - great post.

Have an amazing trip - so happy for you. And also happy you found a reliable babysitter..that is HUGE.

leah said...

great post! hope you have a great trip! thankful you have a good sitter so you could have a night out with your man before you leave. :)

Heather Hoerr said...

ok, so did Rook move? Is it still in Fountain square? I thought the last time I drove past where it was the sign had changed to a different restaurant? Glad to know it's still around b/c I love the food!
Have fun in Qatar! Hope the trip goes well, for both you and the boys back home. :)

Daveana said...

I hope you have an awesome trip! Love that you're going to get some sister time!

Linda said...

Loved reading this update even if I am late! Now we are both home from trips and life goes on....:)