The Last of 2015

Living away from both of our families now means more holiday travel. It wasn't bad, but we were definitely exhausted by the time it all ended.

Since our babysitting options are pretty limited, we waited and did a Christmas date back in Fort Wayne so Devin's parents could watch the boys. It was fun to be back at one of our favorite places.

Ira was sleeping by me when we were at Devin's parents for a few nights. It made for some pretty early mornings together. :)

We did Christmas Eve service at the church Devin grew up in. I had to snap these pictures because I looked over at Devin and his younger brother with their heads cocked the same way and each with a boy on their lap. Henrik loves "Uncle Brenny"

Christmas Day was with Devin's family and then the weekend was with my family. I pretty much failed at taking pictures. Overall, the both went so smoothly and were so fun. I'd say it was one of the best Christmases we've had in awhile! I was just waiting for the boys to get sick or something to go badly...but it never did. Yeah, I'm such an optimist. 

Next up, what's planned for 2016...

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Daveana said...

So cute! I just love the Christmas Day picture of your little family! Glad you had a healthy Christmas. I was sick the weekend before Christmas, and was a little nervous I wouldn't be well the day of. But I was, with one day to spare.