A group of my college friends got together this past weekend. Chad and Christen were great hosts up at their family's lake place. There were a few from the core group missing, which was sad, but understandable since they live in other states and countries. 

For some reason, this particular group bonded and has stayed close these last 7 years since college. I was thinking about the ease of maintaining these friendships and realized that everyone has turned out to be pretty low maintenance. We're all our own people and have differences, but no one seems to mind that. Also, there isn't the competitiveness that can develop in groups like this. I think that's a huge part in us all still being friends. 

I was thinking how evident it was, for the 5 girls and 7 guys there, that everyone was just genuinely happy to be together. This group has been one of the biggest blessings in my life since I was 19. So thankful for them!

 Vera, Ira, and Ivan (which sound like they could be names of siblings) all joined us for the weekend. Ira and Vera are less than a week apart in age so it was fun to have them together!  I didn't get a picture of sweet Ivan. :(

Henrik got to stay with his beloved "auntie" and cousins. And his new pal, Celery. He's crazy about this fluffy little guy. So much so that we considered bringing Celery home with us but keep coming back to just not wanting a pet right now. Though, these pictures make me second guess that.


Heather Hoerr said...

there is definitely something about relationships you develop in college... they will always be some of my closest friends. must be due to the amount of time you spend together and how much you change during those years!

Linda said...

I was happy to see this post and a picture of your sweet friends!
I think a pet bunny will be in your future :)

sarah.flyingkites said...

Love this! So cool you've all stayed close! Love Celery :)

leah said...

you said it perfectly. those pyg roots run so deep!

glad henrik enjoyed himself too! win-win!

Daveana said...

The pictures of Henrik and Celery are too cute!

Sara Huber said...

Cute, cute. :)