Another Thanksgiving

I feel hesitantly excited about this holiday season and so far it has not disappointed. I say I'm hesitant because there's always the chance of sickness or other failed expectations. I've found if I don't hang all my hopes on having the perfect holiday season, I'm usually pleasantly surprised. 

We're ending a really good Thanksgiving weekend. We spent the holiday with my family. The food was amazing and there's always an interesting conversation happening somewhere to get in on, which I love. The last couple months in general have just gone really well. The first few months after our move were not the best. The reality is, it can start to feel overwhelming when everything is new and the overwhelming parts come at the same time when you're missing some of the's a tough combination. But lately, the newness has worn off  - in a good way - and I told Devin the other day  that I'm so happy we're here. 

The boys are both in great stages currently. They've started to wrestle some and interact more which is really fun.  Henrik's construction site in our back yard is where he spends as much time as possible. He's all about excavators and dump trucks and getting really dirty.

The night before Thanksgiving we decided we needed a little family outing. There's a nearby place that does small batch craft beer in back with a kid-friendly area up front. Henrik and Ira enjoyed the change of scenery and different books and toys. Devin and I enjoyed trying one of their IPAs. It was one of those evenings that just went perfectly. The kids played nicely and Dev and I connected over really good conversation. 

Thanksgiving was such a fun day. My dad wore my grandpa's classic Thanksgiving tie, mom made her famous BBQ turkey, and I ate way too much pie. 

We stuck around at my parent's for a couple days since there was another gathering with my dad's family a couple days later. It was so nice to just relax and let our kids bond with their grandparents. Dad took Henrik to see his little beef herd. Devin took care of some computer issues for my dad and became the favorite son-in-law (if he wasn't already). Mom and I chatted about everything from town happenings to theology. 

Today was a good day to be back at home. We started Christmas decor, watched the Colts game, and ordered pizza to end a weekend of terrible eating. I see lots of veggies and vegan meals in our future this week.


Daveana said...

Love the picture of you in Devin at Thanksgiving! So fun you got to spend a few days at your parents! Henrick with the cows is a cute picture. He looks so excited!

Linda said...

Great pictures Em! I love how the one turned out from outside through the window :) Fun times!

Sara Huber said...

Sweet! It was a fun weekend!

sarah.flyingkites said...

You have such a darling little fam :)

leah said...

sounds like an all-star weekend!

and i just love that you are blogging again sweet friend - love glimpses into your day-to-days. :)

Betsy said...

Glad to see some pictures from your weekend. I really hope and pray sickness stays far away from you for the main holidays!! And I loved seeing Sara and you in the reflection in the window. Smiles.