A Little Life Update

Monday was a sad reality of seeing Devin go back to work for a full week after a couple weeks of being home so much. Henrik adores having Dev around...and obviously, so do I. We're pretty spoiled though, because just one week of work and normal life after the holidays and now we're heading south for a week as a family. To say I'm looking forward to the beach and warm weather would be an understatement.

I feel like life between now and baby's birth is going to fly. January and February are pretty busy months for us with lots of birthdays and events and travel. Then add in lots of doctor visits and my "to-do-before-baby list" and the days are going to fill up, which I'm thankful for. There's nothing worse than just sitting around waiting for a baby to come. I'm hoping this baby comes around his due date, though talk to me around 38 weeks and might be fine if he comes early.

And about my little sidekick...everyday he goes back and forth between super fun and frustrating. He's always surprising me with new words or trying to do grown up-like things and making me laugh. But he can flip a fast switch and be whiny and clingy and make me wonder how in the world I'll deal with him acting like a baby when I have an actual baby. 

The poor boy has had three major ear infections in two months. Despite my best efforts of preventing and natural remedies, we always end up with antibiotics, which I don't love but am usually at the point where I'm desperate to get him relief so we can all sleep (and I trust our pediatrician and know he doesn't prescribe if unneccessary). I'm hoping between chiropractic care and him "growing out of it" this stage won't last much longer.

Henrik's really into shoes and clothes and getting dressed right now. He's always trying on his own or our shoes. Getting him dressed can be frustrating because he's adamant he doesn't want my help, but he has yet to be successful dressing himself. :) He is super unpredictable when it comes to eating. One day he inhales a yogurt and the next day acts like I'm crazy for thinking he'd want yogurt. I know all his ear stuff has affected his appetite so I'm also ready for that to get back to normal. 

Me...I'm feeling large, but actually really good at 32 weeks. I can't complain. I've finally got my sinus/cold issues under control thanks to oregano oil and limiting dairy. I'm sleeping good and have been surprised by my energy lately. I know it's early for 'nesting' but I'm definitely in project and organization mode and my house is staying cleaner than it ever does...so maybe it is nesting. I really can't wait to start getting out all the newborn clothes but am holding off until February because right now there are more pressing tasks.

I have a few lifestyle things that I've been thinking through at the turn of the new year. Just reevaluating some areas, but not making any rash decisions, because those never seem to last long-term. One thing I'm thinking through is my online presence and the brain space that is taken up by other's lives via internet. For me it's not a time wasting issue, it's a brain space thing, which I'm realizing is just as valuable. I'm also seeing that I'm not being as authentic in relationships as I used to be and I don't think that's a good change. I've found myself saying things I don't really mean or holding back saying something to make someone feel good and I hate that. So authenticity in relationships is another thing I'm processing. We'll see where all these thoughts end up.

Well, hopefully the next time I post I'll have a bit of a tan!


Sara Huber said...

Always enjoy your updates! Hope your vacation is wonderful and there is plenty of sun to soak up...you need Vitamin D, right?

L, Ann and boys said...

awwww...love the one in the boots. ;)

Hey I messed up the baking powder measurements on my post about blueberry muffins. Since you commented you may try them I thought I would comment a warning notice. ;) Hopeuflly you haven't tried it out yet and are loving FL. ;) It's supposed to be 3 tsp not Tablespoons (though 3 tsp=1 tablespoon, hence some of the confusion :P