Pregnancy Update: Week 30

No picture this time, I don't really look much different than the last bump photos I posted. :)

Less than 10 weeks left, hypothetically. Of course it could be more than 10 weeks if this baby is like his brother. I should probably just plan on that.

I'm actually closer to 31 weeks by the time this post is getting out and wow, I'm really feeling this third trimester already. I had finally kicked daily naps and they're slowly creeping back in. I feel large and crampy and if I'm on my feet for more than twenty minutes my lower back and feet hurt. Thankfully I'm sleeping well. I've been having a lot of weird cramps and pains in my abdominal area, which I didn't really remember from Henrik's pregnancy. So I went back and read some blog posts from a couple years ago and sounds like I was in the same boat. Funny how we really do forget all this nonsense.

I've been really consistent with my prenatal pilates for the past month or so and I notice a difference from doing them. I look forward to turning on the video and how I feel when I'm done. I try to do 20 minutes or so, but by minute 12 Henrik is usually sitting on me which signifies the end of my work out. I've started drinking my raspberry leaf tea when I remember.

Food I'm Craving: cold cereal, caesar salad, fresh pressed green juice, pb&j's

The midwife I saw at the beginning of the month (different from my usual one) made a comment about my weight gain and trying not to go too crazy over the holidays. I couldn't be sure if this was a standard lecture she was giving everyone or if she really thought I needed to slow down my weight gain. I know I definitely splurge more when I'm pregnant, but I'm still in a really healthy weight range and my glucose levels, blood pressure, etc are good... So I decided not to worry too much about her weight comments.

Name: I think it's narrowed down to two at this point. One that has been my top pick from the beginning and a brand new one that Devin just brought up this week. They're both great names. They're both actual names (like, we didn't make them up) but either one would probably be pretty unfamiliar to most people.

We meet with our doula next week for the first of two birth planning sessions. She sent me a pretty long questionnaire to prepare with. I'm loving her questions and what she's having me think through. Between her, my doctor/midwife, and having done this before, I think it's going to be a much different experience this time around (though just as painful - I'm not kidding myself about that part).

As much as I'm very anxious to not be pregnant and to meet this little boy, I don't want to rush the next couple months. We have such a fun January with a Florida trip, Henrik's birthday, and my birthday. And there's plenty I'll want to get accomplished before the beginning of March. So, in the meantime I'm just trying to enjoy my boys before life gets crazy.


sarah.flyingkites said...

Love this post - so interesting!

I can't believe you are 10 weeks away!

And I WILL get your wrap back to you...grrr! I haven't forgotten, but I keep forgetting (I know that sounds confusing, but makes sense to me:))

Can't wait to hear the name!

Betsy said...

So Exciting!! I loved pregnancy's good to feel a version of strong and firm at 7 months pregnant!

leah said...

love your update! oh my, the end (or beginning) is so near... will be praying with you guys in the months ahead - can't wait to meet your little guy!

Sandra said...

Great update!!!! Can't believe only 10 weeks left!!!!

Sara Huber said...

Oh wow, narrowed down to two names! I'm curious for sure!!!

And I can relate to my one-year-old sitting on me when I'm trying to work out. Usually Fiona ends up pooping during the video at some point, so it all ends early when I get down on the mat and she sits on top of me. Lovely.