Pregnancy Update: Week 19

On Wednesday, we had some time looking at our little babe via ultrasound. Baby was squirming like crazy, sucking it's hand, and being really cute. The lady doing the ultrasound was really thorough and fun and wanted us to take our time and check out our second child. (One of the many things that the midwifery center does much better than the large OB group I saw last time. Loving the change in practice!) As far as they could tell, everything is developing as it should and the baby is healthy, which is a huge praise!

The baby is measuring pretty much right on track, just a few days ahead of my calendar date (which I always suspect since I have a short cycle). But I'm trying to just plan on the baby being born after March 4 since Henrik was a week late and my midwife said it's still average for a second pregnancy to go about 4 days overdue.

I feel pretty normal most days. But I find if I go about life as if I'm not pregnant for a few days it catches up to me and I'm wiped out for a day or two. I suppose that's a good reason to still nap when Henrik does. ;) And all my pregnancy spots are back...I get red dots around my eyes and on my cheeks, wrists, and neck area. My doctor last time said it was a hormonal thing and they'd go away (which they mostly did). In the mean time I wear a little more makeup than usual.

I feel like I've been pregnant for a long time. My sister commented how soon March would be here and I was totally feeling the opposite like it's so far away. Pregnancy is pretty easy for me (from what I gather from other women) so I thought after Henrik that I kind of liked being pregnant, but I think I'm changing my tune on that.

We've told our immediate family the gender of the baby. And last night our small group weaseled it out of me. We're slowly telling close friends and family and then eventually assuming it will be public. Since there are still people I want to tell in person, I won't be sharing it on here...yet. I'll keep you in suspense until next week. :)

I've actually realized it's more fun NOT finding out, like we did with Henrik. It's fun to know, but in some ways I wish we would have just waited. I told Devin that if we have a third kid I would want to go back to keeping it a surprise.

So just for fun, what's your guess as to this little one's gender? 

If you guess correctly you get...personal satisfaction?


Sandra said...

I say a boy!! Oh and btw, I agree with you on that gender reveal is better left until delivery day. I found out the gender on one of my kids and never did that again. Love the surprise!!

Ashton said...

I'm thinking a boy too. It would be so fun to have two little boys to run around together.:) But then I love girls…

L, Ann and boys said...

Not to be a follower, but I keep thinking two boys too. we are a house divided on finding out the gender of our babies. Luke always wants to wait and I always want to know. I really like to picture things...which is funny because you never know what you're baby will look like so it's impossible to picture anyway. So, at least you have to wait on that. :) I'm always wondering if he/she will be blonde and blue eyed or all dark or a complete mix of the two because it can go any direction at our house. I would think with your blonde hair and Devin's darker coloring, you could be in a similar boat. :)

I get those tiny red dots on my arm and one on my ring finger that come and go with each pregnancy. :) I think it's hormones yes but also increased blood pressure/flow. I had a broken capillary by my eye too that was very easy to remove with one treatment at a laser clinic (they did it for free as a test spot for me :) It was kind of impossible to cover with makeup because the skin is to thin there. So if you feel claustrophobic or like they won't go away, it can be calming to know that they can probably be removed after the baby is born if they don't go away after a few months postpartum. :)

Christian and Willem are March babies...once you get to the Holiday season, the time will fly! January will be quite miserable though if you are anything at all like me about short days and snow. ;) I started lap swimming to ward off insanity.

My comments on your blog always get way too long ;) ha

Linda said...

Enjoy this time of being will be busier in a few months! Knowing you, you'll think back on it fondly once it is over :)
Loving this sweet baby already!

sarah.flyingkites said...

i think i know why you are trying to get ahold of my sister on WhatsApp :)


sarah.flyingkites said...

haha, i just read the other comments...funny we all guess boy!

Amber Rufener said...

Just to be fair, I'm going to guess a girl! (Plus I'd love to see how cute you'd dress a daughter!)