Some Favorite Household Items

Is anyone else so happy to see September on the calendar? I wasn't sad to see August come to end. We also have several really fun things happening over the next month, so that helps. But more on that later. I have a growing list of some products I'm loving and like to share them from time to time...

First up, my homemade laundry detergent. I've experimented with a few different kinds and think that in this area (and most) simplicity wins. The liquid versions I've tried are super annoying. The soap tends to clump in colder months and ingredients settle. I think the way to go is powdered.

So here's what I've been using and it works really, really well.

2 cups borax
2 cups washing soda (tip: you can turn baking soda into washing soda by baking it at a high temp)
1 bar Dr. Bronners soap, grated (I just use a food grater, one of the smaller grates)

I use about 1/4 cup for medium and large loads and even just 1/8 cup for small loads.

Finished product.

So next, a couple Norwex products. Don't worry, I don't sell Norwex. I won't be yet another mom selling something from a MLM company (that's not supposed to sound mean, I'm glad some people I know sell these things so I can get good products, it's just not my thing).

I hate buying face wash. It's hard to find something that isn't super harsh or filled with chemicals. Plus, every face wash I've ever used dries out my face. I started just using my bar soap and then heard that Norwex has these face cloths that remove makeup and cleanse your face. I've been using mine for a month and am totally hooked.

They come in 3-packs so I recommend splitting a pack because you don't need 3.

Also, the Norwex kitchen cloth.

I don't think I'd really be into the kitchen cloth if Henrik didn't exist. But I'm always switching out my dish cloths like crazy because I'm using them on his face and hands along with my dishes and I just get grossed out. So now I just keep a Norwex cloth in my kitchen for two things: Henrik and countertops. It's great to quickly wipe down a counter or Henrik's high chair and not use a spray. And since it's disinfecting itself, I can let it hang and wet it down for Henrik pre and post eating. Love.

Baby/kid shampoo: I've used a few different baby washes. This one totally wins and it smells AMAZING:

I think that's it for now...happy September!


Sarah said...

where do you get the baby shampoo??

emilykate said...

Target. It's pricier than other brands, but you use way less of it at one time. :)

Christen Leigh said...

Fun items! I also love the Norwex rag for windows--it has turned a girl who hates cleaning windows into a girl who only mildly dislikes cleaning windows. :)

leah said...

i love norwex too - agree with chris - the window rag is AMAZING!

fun tips!