Five Things

It's been quiet around here because something about once again blogging about lake time or our random summer day activities hasn't felt worth it. Plus I'm failing at good photo taking lately.

But, my brain is always in motion even if my camera isn't, so here are things I'm thinking lately...

one - I deleted my Facebook account a couple months ago and haven't missed it at all. I hop on Devin's account about once a week to check our church's page for any news and other than that I'm happily oblivious to what anyone is posting on there. It's freed up a lot of brain space since I'm not dwelling on other's lives, which I think is healthy.

two - I'm anxiously awaiting this week to be over so we can move towards the end of July. Vacation with my family, my sister home from abroad, and a girl cousin/sister weekend I look SO forward to each year.

three - I'm realizing I'm not quite the introvert I once thought. While I was working full-time I started to think I was more introverted but I think it was just because I was with people all day long and didn't find as much need for social interaction outside of work. Now, spending my days around here with Henrik Sebastian, I'm much more interested in socializing, which has surprised me. I'm finding myself energized after a my morning women's group or an evening out with girls or after we host friends for dinner. I've always known I was much more extroverted than Devin, but I'm starting to think I might not be in the introvert category at all, except for maybe in very large crowds.

four - I've actually considered going back to work part-time. At this point I don't think we'll move forward, but I did finally pull the trigger on some volunteer work that will use my past job skills/experience. I'm starting to think more about my dreams for my life and realize I should actually taking some of them seriously. A lot of them seem far off or even far fetched, but I think I've spent too many years dismissing ideas I have and it's time to be more of a believer. So who knows, maybe one day Devin and I will open our little cafe. :)

five - This summer we're finally following a budget, which is something we both really suck at. We've created a budget a few different times in our marriage but it always fizzles out a couple months later. I'm not good at being constrained even though I really don't consider myself a big spender. Groceries/food has been the hardest. I just can't seem to stay within the budget. Of course my justification is always that I can't remember the last time I stepped in a clothing store and actually bought something. However, I do think maybe our grocery budget is unrealistic. The reality is we buy fresh, healthy food and it's way more expensive. If we ate out of boxes I'm sure we'd spend a lot less, but that really isn't worth it. Maybe except for cereal. I wish I bought more boxes of cereal. ;)

I hope you're enjoying this beautiful summer and taking long evening strolls and getting lots of Vitamin D. It won't be here long.


leah said...

feel your grocery budget pain...:P

& find your #3 interesting as i think the opposite has happened to me in some's weird to think (and see) the social shift over time and experiences.

have a happy day!

Sara Huber said...

Interesting update! I find myself pretty much right down the middle on the introvert/extrovert spectrum. I think it's a good spot to be, but it sometimes leaves me surprised when I feel lonely or isolated at a random time or like I am just.done. with people at times too. Looking forward to GGW since I will miss you at the lake!

Betsy said...

Yay for a new blog post, freed up brain space, not giving up on dreams, the end of July(!), and budgeting! I really think once you find the right groove in your grocery/food category you'll have a real sense of freedom when you stick to it. And it's totally okay to minimize other categories you don't care about and spend money on a priority for good food! I'm proud of you guys for starting the process! Love you!