Over the Weekend

Happy Monday! Hopefully we're the only ones who's child decided it was time to get up at 4AM. Thankfully he was being adorable and fun and just wanted to play. And thankfully Devin took the 5-6:15 shift until Henrik finally went back to bed. My husband...what a guy. He also cleaned up the whole house Sunday morning while he stayed home from church with Henrik who had a high fever. I'm an acts of service kind of girl, so he scored major points this weekend. :)

We had a really fun weekend minus the sick child on Sunday, though it wasn't horrible to have an excuse to cuddle with Henrik on the couch and watch shows.

Friday night we celebrated the summer solstice, which may sound pagan, but it's just a fun, quirky tradition we have with Devin's parents where we use the solstice as an excuse to have exotic cheese, crackers, and a bottle of expensive wine.

This year we drank a bottle that we had specially picked on our trip to Sonoma, a pinot noir from Scribe Winery (generously paid for by Devin's parents:). Fabulous. And Devin's dad went all out at Fresh Market with amazing choices of cheese, crackers, and chocolate. We also made a margarita pizza and salad to finish the meal. The smoke&stout chocolate was my personal favorite!

Saturday afternoon was spent at a park/splash pad with some friends and family. I got to play some fun games of sand volleyball and Henrik had so much fun in the wading river. On the way home he rode in just his diaper because of wet/sandy clothes. Classy, huh?

We also had a dinner of naan burgers with goat cheese. They tasted perfect! I think anything is good on naan. :)

I also hit up some neighborhood garage sales which I almost never do. To me, garage sales are never very fruitful and often a waste of time. If I enjoyed bargain shopping that would be one thing, but I don't even enjoy regular shopping, so it's not a great fit. But on this particular day it was very worth it. I only spent about an hour biking around the neighborhood with Henny in tow and found him several toys for very little money, including a kitchen set!

And last but not least, we finally bought another vehicle! And nope, it's not a van! I actually had done something that doesn't come easily and told Dev it was totally up to him. I lightly gave my opinion but said at the end of the day, I really would be fine with whatever he was comfortable with (we had test driven a minivan and an SUV). He chose SUV and we're loving it so far!


Sara Huber said...

Sounds like a productive and fun weekend! Hope his fever is gone today!

L, Ann and boys said...

awwww... :) I hope the fever doesn't mean chicken pox, unless you were hoping for him to catch them the old fashioned way. If he does get them, let me know so I can pass on a few things I learned like putting oatmeal in a coffee /spice girder for bath and using epson salt to get essential oils (lavender) to soak in while bathing too. :) I also used those little round bandaids for a few on Will's forehead to make them heal slower and more gradually with ointment. I hope he is feeling okay. :/

L, Ann and boys said...
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L, Ann and boys said...

double posted the comment ;)

leah said...

this looks so fun.

seriously, you guys eat the best food. everything looks delicious! sounds like even with a sick kiddo, you had a great weekend!

Christen Leigh said...

This looks like a great weekend! :) And ditto Leah....I think my mouth waters pretty much every time I read your blog. ;)

Sarah said...

Congrats on the SUV :)

And my aunt just got my boys the same kitchen set at a garage sale last week! :)

Ashley Neuen said...

Fun weekend!