To New Places

I'd love for it to be a rule that every year we go somewhere we've never been before. We missed last year because of the whole new baby thing. We did some traveling, but to familiar places like Florida and Michigan. So, this year we were excited to plan a trip to a new location, sans Henrik.

Tuesday morning we leave for San Francisco and plan to spend a week around that area and north. Neither of us have ever been to the northern half of California (can you believe Devin has never been there at all?!), so we're so excited to explore new ground.

I've found that there are two types of people mothers in the world. The kind that leave their one-year-old for a week to enjoy a vacation and the kind that don't. I guess you know in which camp I fall. The reality is, we're just not the type of people that think it sounds fun to haul a potentially crabby toddler around a busy city and then to wine country for tours and tastings. And it sounds too sad to just put all traveling on hold for how ever many years we have young children. Hence, leaving the kiddo behind.

I am, however, sad to leave him. I think handing him off to my parents tomorrow is going to be really hard. I think it will feel really, really weird to go several days in a row without touching him or kissing his little face. I'll probably cry at some point(s). I'll be begging our mothers for pictures all week, I'm sure.

But, I think once we get on that plane and touch down in the land of sunshine, I'll be so happy for this time away to make new memories with Dev. And the boy loves both of his grandparents so much, so he'll be just fine.

I don't plan to blog while we're away, but I'm sure I'll be Instagramming a lot, so feel free to follow along there!

And just a few weekends shots...

Bedhead Benny. This picture makes me smile a lot.

Devin turned on some hockey one night while Henrik was running around being crazy in his diaper. Then, all of a sudden, he just perched up against the couch like this and watched for a few minutes. Love this kid.

We went to the zoo again on Saturday and had so much fun. I think Devin and I like it more than Henrik at this point. Animals are so fascinating! Henrik got to touch a giraffe's nose, which he loved and he wasn't very happy when the giraffe walked away.

For us, grilled pizza is a staple in summer. This weekend was our first one of the season. BBQ chicken and cilantro!


Sandra said...

Ummm you are going to love San Fran!! Like I posted in my San Antonio post not long ago...our number one weekend get away is San Fran!! We rented a car and went to somoma(wine country) and it was so beautiful. Perhaps it's a "Gutwein" thing but I'm like you....leave the kiddo(s) behind ever so often and make it a hubby wife vaca. We gotta have those to you know;)!! Enjoy and look forward to hearing what you thought if it. Oh and a fabulous breakfast place is Stacks. We also loved north beach restaurant for dinner(Italian neighborhood). Oh have fun!!!!

teresa said...

A young couple from our church enjoyed a getaway to SF about a month ago. Here is her descriptions of some things they enjoyed one day: "Headed to Alcatraz (Alcatraz Cruises) which was fascinating, ... then a 2 hr bike ride from Fisherman's Wharf across the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito, followed by a ferry ride back to the Wharf. Ended up eating at a little blues joint with amazing fish&chips while listening to one of the best harmonica players I have ever heard. Another wonderful day in SanFrancisco." A friend of hers shared this link:

Have a wonderful trip to SF.

Sure both sets of grandparents are going to be loving their time with H.

L, Ann and boys said...

Have fun! Be prepared for Henrick to be slightly distant (or maybe not at all) when you get home. I like to think of it as a cold shoulder to the person they love the most for leaving. It passes very quickly when they decide you are staying when you get back ;) trips without kiddos are amazing and much needed. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

should have said "persons" not person... I'm sure Devin is his favorite too ;)

Ashton said...

I tend to think trips are even more important for parents than for non-parents. (Especially if you've committed to being a stay at home mom!) It's so refreshing and energizing to have that time away from everything. Enjoy it! I left Poppy for almost two weeks for school when she was 10 months I guess I'm definitely one of "those" moms.:)

leah said...

have a wonderful time, can't wait to follow along! enjoy!

Sara Huber said...

Really cute pics of Henny watching hockey. :)
I hope your trip is wonderful and it's not too hard saying good-bye to the sweetie tonight. Trips without kiddos are important!

Sara Huber said...

Oh, and we did our first grilled pizza 2 weekends ago...always have trouble with the crust burning before the cheese fully is way too good to ruin with a burnt crust!

emilykate said...

Thanks everyone for the tips and encouragement! Ann, glad to know it's normal to possibly get the cold shoulder. :)

Ashton, sounds like we think alike on this. :)

Sar, the key is low grill heat!