New Routine

Devin is at work after a few weeks of our life being in vacation mode. We're coming off of such a fun season of travels, lazy days at home, yard work, the occasional Anchor Steam on the front porch in the middle of the afternoon, bike rides, and lots of quality time with Henrik Sebastian. We had so much fun. I loved having Devin around all the time! It was so fun to be painting the door frame and hear him behind me edging the front lawn. I really like working alongside him.

But it was time for some routine. It was time for some structure and time to have an income again. :)

I'm loving this start of summer. The long days, the perfect temps in the morning to take Henrik on a neighborhood stroll. The opportunity to fold laundry on the deck while Henny gets his beloved outdoor time. I'm loving this stage that he's in, so curious, learning something new everyday and constantly surprising me with acting more and more grown up. He really is just so fun right now.

And I'm loving that Devin's new job finishes at 4:30 everyday. How great is that?!

Some photos from the last week...

He was proud he got up, but wasn't sure about getting down. 

First sunset on the lake for the season! Have I mentioned before how I love northern Michigan? ;)

Summer haircut!


Molly said...

These are such good pictures. Loving Henrik's haircut...he is so handsome;)

leah said...

Can't wait to catch up tomorrow, feel like we have lots to talk about. Oh and I'm totally crushing on henrik. I can't get over his haircut, it's just adorable!

Heather Hoerr said...

love the haircut pic.. Beck's hair cutting experiences started exactly like that - sucker in his mouth, show on the ipad to entertain.

Sarah said...

Aww the haircut picture is just too sweet!!

Ashley Neuen said...

Henrik is a doll!