Low Media Summer

For some time, the Lord has been showing me how media distracts my mind and my heart from him as well as from my family. Blogging, not as much, but mostly Facebook and things I look at on my phone (sometimes I really would rather just go back to having a 'dumb' phone). As I've pondered what I want our summer to look like, it doesn't include a lot of screens.

Thanks to my church discipleship group and a book club, I've been given even more reasons (and the courage) to move forward with detaching from some of the media in my life. I have high hopes of this summer being a season of very low media in my life and our family's. But I know this won't just happen, steps have to be taken when there are habits.

You'll still see me around the blogging world, because I find value in documenting our life and my musings and blogs are enjoyment for me in down time. It's more forms of social media that I'm cutting out or drastically down. I'm evaluating what things bring value to my life and what things don't (for instance, Facebook is bringing very little value to my life right now). So don't take it personally if I'm not commenting on a post or picture of yours, because I'm just not there. :)

I'm excited to see what the Lord is going to do with this extra time I'll have and my less distracted mind. I'm excited for a slow-paced summer with lots of quality face-to-face time with the friends and family I love.

And now we're off on yet another trip (this one just a 4 hour drive). Devin doesn't start work until next week, so we're taking advantage of this free time and heading to meet my parents up in Michigan to start the lake season! Seriously, it's going to be a harsh reality when he leaves us during the day, we're having so much fun just doing whatever we want everyday!


Betsy said...

I hear you, lady. Have a great trip up north -- and I'm interested to know how the book club/discipleship group play into this. Love you.

leah said...

love your thoughts on this. agree to agree!

have a great time at the lake house!

Sara Huber said...

Good stuff, Em.

Sarah said...

Love your thoughts. This has been on my mind too lately. Thanks for sharing

Joy said...

I definitely waste too much time on social media too! I do have a 'dumb' phone and there are days I wish I had a smart phone but for the most part I'm thankful I can't check my phone whenever I want.