Week Seven

Uh, not the best. Well, it started out okay with spring-like weather, time outside, get togethers with friends and my sister, etc. But when the dreary, rainy weather set in, my mood followed, big time. Lot's of pity and self-loathing going on over here. Let's just say, I'm pretty sick of being alone. I love all the chances to be with friends and family, but I want my husband and our life back (I say this realizing many women will never have their husbands back and I know my situation is really easy in the grand scheme of things).

I have made some attempts to lighten the mood (along with prayer, of course, lest you think I'm trying to buy myself happiness :)...

Henrik watched more shows than usual this week, which I don't love, but it is what it is. Praise Baby can't hurt him too much, right? ;) 

He also got to spend a whole day with his cousins, who he absolutely adores!

And I have a wonderful mother-in-law who insisted on taking Henrik for the afternoon today and telling me to go do something I enjoy. Thanks Mom W! 

So...that's what I'm doing today: Meeting a friend for coffee and cranking some fun music at home and doing some kid-free cleaning while burning my new candle and enjoying my flowers. Who knows, maybe I'll eat a couple Reese's eggs. :) Thankful to be heading into week eight!


Klint & Sarah said...

Sorry it's been a bad week :( :(

Although I laughed out loud on the line about buying yourself happiness. :)

2 more weeks!!

T and M said...

Thankfully Indigo loves praise baby, so I'm a fan too!

leah said...

I loooove those Reece eggs! :) hoping time starts to fly these next 2 weeks! Love you friend and proud of you for all the hard work you've endured being a single mom rough days and all.. :)

Linda said...

Oh Em...wish I could be there to help. You're in the home stretch so keep counting off the days. Looking forward to having you home again soon! :)