Things I've Learned in the Past Nine Weeks

It's okay, and even good, to do hard things. Hard things bring out our true character. Hard things give us a chance to rise to the occasion. Hard things are good, but it's also good when hard things come to an end.

If (God forbid) Devin was gone permanently, I would have to get a job. Aside from the financial aspect, there's no way I'd survive being a stay-at-home mom when I don't have a husband getting home around 5:00.

There is such a thing as 'too much Gilmore Girls'.

Things that once looked hard (like Devin working late or being gone for a weekend), now seem like a piece of cake.

It IS possible to be lonely after you're married (however, this hasn't been the case when Devin is actually here).

Family and good friends are so vital to one's existence, especially in times of need. And in times of need, your true friends show up in such amazing ways. Side note: even people I wouldn't have thought of as close friends or people I'm just starting to get to know have shown up in amazing ways for me and Henrik over this time. So grateful.

Parenting alone is just as hard as I thought it would be, but when you don't have help you just rise to the occasion because you have to.

I'm not a huge of fan of feeling like I need to constantly make plans. I'm ready to not be quite as social. :)

Martinis aren't as fun without Devin.

The guest bed is more comfortable than our bed.

You hear Henrik much easier in the guest room (sorry former/future guests).

Much less meat (and food in general) is consumed when one's husband is absent.

I have to be in just the right mood to talk generously (or even much at all) over the phone. I already knew this, but it was made even more clear.

Programming, development, web apps, etc...not my thing. So far over my head. Like, so far.

Computer programmers can be sexy, who knew? ;)

My husband is disciplined and hard working and smart. (I actually did already know this, but it was affirmed.)

Chicago is cooler than our city. (Okay, I knew that already too.)

Life with Devin is better than life without Devin.

And finally, God is not only faithful in the 'big' things, but also in the things I deem little and maybe once thought were below God's scope of interest. So thankful to be proved wrong in that.


Sarah said...

Love this post. So happy for you both it's almost over!!

Sara Huber said...

This is great. So proud of all of you....I truly think you did more than just survive the last 9 weeks. Love that God was so faithful!

leah said...

:) love you friend, smiled most of the way through this! Like sara, so proud of you guys! But so thankful it is coming to an end! Almost there!! :)

Christen Leigh said...

So thankful these 9 weeks are in the past!! Great lessons learned, but I am sure you are thankful to be together. :) Hope Easter was great!