Hutchinson Island, Day Six

Yep, Hutchinson Island is, in fact, an island. 

In other news, before we get to the photos of the day, we are officially halfway through this whole husband gone nonsense! Cheers!

I got to go on a walk by myself this morning. It was divine. Just me, the sun, the beach, God, my crazy thoughts, and music. 

Oh and we spotted a manatee in the river!


leah said...

WOW! Three cheers for hitting the halfway point!

Sarah said...

hehe love how you called it husband gone nonsense. That made me smile.

Glad you are in FL - hope it's making that nonsense time go a bit faster!

Sara Huber said...

Great pics! I know there is at least one child in my home who would have been over-the-moon about a real-live manatee sighting!