Joy & Sorrow

This past weekend Devin and I went to Chicago. On Sunday I came home and he stayed there. He will be there for the next nine weeks.

We've been anticipating this time apart since last summer when we made the decision for him to apply to Dev Bootcamp.

In so many ways, I'm so glad the time is here and we can start counting down! I was getting really tired of the anticipation. But of course, it also means the reality is hitting. I think I cried more yesterday than I had in the last year (not much of a crier, this one). Being a single mother for nine weeks isn't ideal. Not doing life with my very best friend is even less ideal.

But. I'm thankful to say I woke with joy this morning (Psalm 30:5, hence the post title, clever, huh?). I know we're doing the right thing for our family. I know this is a chance to rely on Jesus so much more than I do when Devin is around. This is a time for growth - and that is never bad.

AND I'm so thankful for wonderful friends and family who have committed to pray with us during this time.

AND I'm thankful that I am so sad, because it indicates Devin and I have a great relationship and lots of love and being separated from that sucks.

So, what am I going to do over these next nine weeks?

Count them down until my boy is home!
And a few other things like:

Blog. :)
Wear makeup less often.
Shave less.
Do a little traveling to visit family (with Henrik of course).
Take a trip with some of Dev's family to Florida!
Watch Gilmore Girls (not Dev's thing).
Eat hummus or cereal for dinner if I want.
Schedule lots of outings with friends so as to have plenty of adult interaction.
House projects (when I can get my mom out here to help :).
Spring clean.
And hopefully see Devin whenever possible!

So, here's to week one!

Oh and if you're interested in what Devin is up to, you can follow him here: Devin's blog


Samantha Whittecar said...

Blessed by this post. So glad you're filled with joy today! I will bring snacks and wine over some night soon and we can watch Gilmore girls together. Peter hates it with a passion. ;)

leah said...

thankful you can finally start counting down to when he comes home! (and not until he leaves...) & thankful for the joy you're feeling today.

and i got a huge kick out of the "shave less". :D

Betsy said...

Kinda makes me sad :( for the hard time this could be for you....but also hopeful for what could come from it. Again, inspired by your attitude. (Btw, I'm flying solo this week and soooo have been subsisting on what's in the fridge and ramen!! ha!)

Sarah said...

Aww this is sad! I had the same thought you mentioned when I saw your instagrams: what a great relationship the two if you share. Bring sad is def a good sign :)

I will be praying for you guys! Keep the updates coming!

nathan and rachel said...

Oh wow...9 weeks. I'll pray for you! I'm sure the time will go so fast...and just think, when it is over it will be warm outside!

nathan and rachel said...
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smw said...

so thankful for the joy you are experiencing. this sounds hard.

Christen Leigh said...

Agree with Shar--so thankful you are feeling peaceful! You have such a good attitude. Oh and I just put Gilmore girls is I the car so I don't forget it. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

oh my.... I'm so glad you are planning things. I hope the days slip by quickly until he's home.

Daveana said...

Totally up for Gilmore girls or any interaction with you! Maybe a cupcake date...