Our Christmas

So, backing up to Christmas.

We had good times with both of our respective families. Henrik was having on-going ear issues and Dev got a stomach bug Christmas Eve, so those things are always dampers, but overall, it was really great. I particularly enjoyed that most of my siblings and their families spent the night at my parent's on Christmas. It was really fun to get up and have early chats with my older siblings while the kiddos were still in bed.

The highlight though? My gift to Devin. Let's just say I majorly scored this year.

Devin really, really loves hockey (playing and watching). More specifically, he loves the Pittsburgh Penguins. Despite his devotion to the team, he hadn't ever been to a game (they mostly play on the east coast and it's hard to get tickets). So I knew that someday I would get him Penguins tickets and decided this Christmas was the time.

Thankfully I started looking a few months in advance. Oh my goodness these games sell out fast, but I found tickets in Columbus, Ohio when the Penguins played the Blue Jackets just a few days after Christmas. Perfect.

It was SO FUN.

I decided if we were going to go, we were going to go all out with really good seats, a night in a fun hotel, good food, etc. It was such a perfect getaway after Christmas and the game was awesome. So, on to the pictures...

Here he is...all ready for his first Pens game!

We did a bit of a splurge on some gourmet hot dogs. Mine had slaw, bacon, and a fried pickle. Neither of us came close to finishing them.

Getting ready to leave the hotel for the game. In our matchy Penguins shirts. :)

It was so fun to have good seats and get an easy view of our favorite players. Sidney Crosby, pictured above, is Devin's favorite. Coincidentally, "Sid" was the top of the list of Devin's boy names when we were naming Henrik.

Love this guy. Who knew I'd ever enjoy hockey?

And I can't leave out this handsome. He was living the life at G&G W's.


Sara Huber said...

I get to post the first comment on your new blog! You guys are so cute together, love the matchy tshirts and that hot dog actually sounds suprisingly amazing. Score on the gift-giving for you this year, looks like such a fun time.

Linda said...

And I'm 2nd :) Enjoyed seeing pictures from your trip. Love the last one of Henrik!

L, Ann and boys said...

umm...oops, I think I just commented to Facebook...anyway. SO fun! :) Glad you guys enjoyed it.

Sarah said...

What a sweet gift! Love the play-by-play!

Daveana said...

Looks fun! I just might have to try hockey out sometime! ;)