We're in pre-Christmas mode. Last-minute gift buying. Treat-making. Christmas parties. Enjoying the snow (from indoors mostly). My mom is the only person I still need to buy for. If you know anything about my rather practical mother, she's probably the hardest person I know to buy a gift for.

I haven't bought Henrik anything for Christmas. I've figured the grandparent gifts will suffice and he'll never know the difference. But I'm heading to Target later today so I wouldn't be surprised if I end up picking something up for him.

This year I've been moved by the words of some of the very familiar Christmas hymns I grew up knowing. Some serious lyrics in those standbys!

Mostly, I feel like I'm mentally prepping for the huge changes 2014 is bringing to our family. More on that later. For now, a few pictures to tell about recent life. I only wish I had some pictures from the W and G Christmases the last couple weekends!

Packing up my office. Not quite done yet, but my replacement has taken over. I'm finishing up some projects and being a consultant. The plan is for my last day to be January 2.

Poor Henrik is getting a few teeth and has a really bad ear infection. One morning he just sat by the heating vent. :)

I made white and dark chocolate mix for the neighbors, though I have yet to deliver it.

Henrik is looking grown up and handsome as ever.

Last evening I got home from small group and thought our street looked so pretty. And it was eerily light out at 9:30 PM. Cool, but kind of freaky.


leah said...

i said the same thing to ross last night as we got home about the same time. it felt like there were lights on somewhere or something. eery, but really cool. :)

Sara Huber said...

That chocolate mix looks amazing!!!
And Henrik is pretty amazingly cute too.

Sarah said...

Love your pictures!

Heather Hoerr said...

Henrik does look so grown up in that picture - he's already a stud. :)
I always think it's a little eerie too how light the snow makes it look outside... it's always weird to look out our back window and clearly see all the houses on other far side of the housing addition at 10pm.

Betsy said...

Your pictures are lovely...I feel for little Henrik by the heating vent. That was always one of the most comforting places of my childhood as I remember.