Wrapping Up the Week

My parents are coming into town this weekend. They're lovely enough to babysit for us tonight. Something about having them drive two hours to our home only to have us leave for the evening seems wrong, but they did volunteer...and there's a grandchild in it for them.

I went to Target alone last night and it was really fun. Despite being rather practical in my purchases, it was fun to browse. My favorite isle is the one with all the candles. Target has some great brands of candles with nice herbal scents. I always wait for my favorites to go on sale. They never do.

It makes me smile to watch women meander around the store with a Starbucks beverage in their hand at 8 PM. It's pretty clear they're enjoying the solitude after a day at home with their kids. I was doing the same...although minus the Starbucks and not because I had been home all day, though that is coming quickly.

I think our best meal this week was also the easiest. I browned ground beef and added it to these two TJ's items that we love:

Though, this meal was a close second:
Braised Tofu in an Asian sesame sauce. Next time I'll add some chili paste to the sauce for some heat. I did add broccoli and used the red wine we were drinking instead of Chinese cooking wine because I don't know what that is. RECIPE HERE

Well, friends, happy weekend.


Devin Wieland said...

Turns out I like tofu!

Sarah said...


Enjoy your date tonight!

L, Ann and boys said...

no loss on not using cooking wine. It's usually gigglingly sodium saturated. :) My fave candles never go on sale either…there's this Happiness one I like with a citrus edge…I cave sometimes at full price for the diffuser. ;) ;) the sale ones are those cinnamon roll or sugar cookie ones…no thanks. But hey…there is no Starbucks in ours, so I'm saved there. :)

T and M said...

Yum, that braised tofu recipe looks so good! We fell in love with tofu when we visited Japan but I've never been able to quite duplicate what we ate there. This looks like a good start though : )

teresa said...

pretty sure your folks will enjoy the evening with your little fellow VERY much while you are out-and-about. good times for all!