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I'm currently obsessed with: Moisturizing my hands. This change of weather finds me using serious hand creme all day long.

My biggest pet peeve is: It's not my biggest, but one of them: when people throw recyclables in the trash when there's a recycling bin RIGHT next to the trash. Or when people who have easy access to recycling don't do it.

I could eat an endless supply of: Homemade hummus. I took a hummus break awhile ago because I was starting to get sick of it. Then several months ago I started making my own and it's a million times better than anything you can buy. With some Stacy's pita crisps? My favorite lunch.

I'm currently reading: I'm kind of in between books. But I did technically start the book Salvation and Sovereignty per my dad's request. Dad and I don't exactly see eye-to-eye on this subject (don't worry, it's a friendly debate) so he asked me to read a book that he thinks has the issue captured. In turn, he's agreed to read some of my stuff, but I think I have to actually finish his first. We'll see. :)

My bedtime recently has been: 9:45-10. I start thinking about bed a lot earlier than that. But by the time I'm actually in bed and sleeping it's around 10. I'm definitely not a night owl and one of those people who needs close to 8 hours consistently to function.

The last movie I watched was: I'm honestly not sure. I really don't watch movies, much to Devin's dismay. It's so hard to find a good movie that it's really not worth the time to me. I'm more of a TV show kind of girl. They're shorter and ongoing so stories can develop more. I'm really into Call the Midwife (even though it depresses me) and...

We just finished the entire series of West Wing. Since we were in our teens when it was airing and popular, we didn't really know about it. Then, last year at Christmas, Devin's cousin recommended it. We started it shortly after Henrik was born and I was sitting on the couch nursing most of my life and we were HOOKED. We watched the final episode last evening and it was so sad to see it come to end. Seriously such a good show. Unless you're a hard core Republican and love politics, then it would drive you crazy because it's about a Democrat President and his staff, but if you can look past that, it's worth your time.

I'm writing this while: Henrik is napping. Otherwise he would be clinging to my legs or wanting me to hold him and thus be pounding on the keyboard.

The scripture that has really been speaking to me is: Various Psalms. I've found myself not really sure what/where to read lately and have enjoyed the prayers of the Psalms.

On days when I don't leave the house, I: Wear leggings and a t-shirt all day, clean a lot, do laundry, and try to have quality play time and reading with Henny. I always enjoy these days, but I'm also super ready for Devin to get home by the end of them.

If I could hug anyone today it would be: I'm not a bigger 'hugger'. But I could squeeze Henrik all day long. And Devin, I love him too.


Sarah said...

enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing..

Psalms is my favorite chapter :)

leah said...

fun! hoping to get to this this week too! :)

Ashley Neuen said...

Fun to read :)

L, Ann and boys said...

it's quite possible I'm in the 5th season of the west wing solely because you mentioned it it while back…I think as a good reason to fold diapers or something. ;) And you thought I wasn't listening. haha

and though I vote republican, I enjoy seeing the other sides view and think iron always sharpens iron if you let it.

Rachel said...

I don't understand not taking the time to recycle either - but there's a lot of things people do that I don't understand! I've never heard of Call the Midwife...why does it depress you!?
Loved your list of 'currents' Thanks for sharing!

Christen Leigh said...

I like that you are following suit--enjoyable read!