Weekend Life

We've really enjoyed our last couple weekends at home. I love our time as a family, even if it's just a day of house projects. I try to enjoy the weeks...but I still end up living for the weekends with my boys!

Sometimes I take multi-tasking a bit too far. This particular Saturday I was running around like crazy doing like ten things at once and this was the result.

Once I got the above mess cleared up, Devin could go to work on his dreaded afternoon project.

I think being proud of the result trumped the dread of figuring out how to install this thing. :) He's turning out to be handy after all!

And then, after a long day of projects, we had a fun cooking date. The filet had a dry rub and was finished with truffle oil. It felt very fancy and tasted incredible.

This past weekend definitely was the gateway to Fall and I loved every minute of it. Using a blanket in the morning.

Wearing my favorite boots to the last farmer's market.

Henrik in a sweater vest!!

Carmel Apple!

Cozy couch time with our buddy.

Henny carrying in the leftovers for us. :)


Molly said...

Looks like a great time. Still smiling at that last, sweet picture. I love it!

leah said...

so fun! good job devin on the microwave -- that looks so great!

Sarah said...

your kitchen is so cute!

Sara Huber said...

Oh my dear, that last face is pretty much angelic. Miss you guys!!

Sara Huber said...

And the microwave looks greAt! Way to go, Devin!

Betsy said...

Em, great wknd recap! I just look at that last picture and think of Henrik fake crying when you leave the room and I just shake my head. what a charmer!!

Christen Leigh said...

Fun post! :) Such cute pictures of Henrick.