Once a Traveler, Now a Mom

My parents have been traveling like crazy over the past year. When your mother is sending you beautiful pictures from hiking in the mountains it can make you, the 25 year old daughter, feel boring. However, I'm reminded I had my time of taking several awesome trips within a few short years. And I'm sure the time of traveling will return at some point in the future (like next year when Dev and I go on our trip!) So, in honor of traveling and the ever-popular "throw back Thursday", some of the best trips I've taken since 2010...

Honeymooning in the DR! 2012

Boston/Maine with good friends in 2011

Arizona with PYGirls in 2010

Desert resort in the United Arab Emirates with family in 2011. I'll be hard pressed to compete with this trip in the near future - or ever. Pretty much a once in a lifetime kinda thing. 


Sarah said...

I can relate - my parents travel so much as well. I have to remind myself this is just a stage, right? :)

Great pics!

leah said...

so fun -- loved those two middle trips especially! :)

excited for you guys as you plan your trip next year -- anxious to hear what you decide!

Christen Leigh said...

Ditto to Leah--great memories!! :) Hoping you get to do something super fun next year together.

Betsy said...

You DID do some fun things in a short amount of time...it just doesn't get much better than girl trips or the Qasr. There are seasons, right?