Ten Blog Tweets

ten: It's a rare day when I'm envious of kids that are using a push mower on a massive yard, but today as I sit in my office, with this weather, I would trade them places in a second.

nine: We made a rice noodle / pork / curry dish last night. I added way too many red pepper flakes. It was the kind of meal you had to wipe your nose through. Yet I brought it today for lunch...

eight: You know you're in a semi-unsophisticated area when gas stations don't sell sparkling water (aka the town I work in).

seven: I was slicing old turkey hot dogs at 7 AM this morning...for Megan. Dang kitty doesn't like her cat food.

six: I've decided I'm going to switch to a midwife for our next baby. I liked my doctor, but it'd be nice to have a more committed birth coach and someone who's more naturally-minded. (But don't get any ideas, we're not planning to do that anytime soon.)

five: Devin thought Megan was slow, like, had special needs. She doesn't though. She was just acting odd for a couple weeks after being stepped on. Devin claims that there can be special needs cats due to inbreeding. Who knew?

four: After much looking and research we finally bought a bike trailer for Bastian Boy. We went with the mid-range...so not a cheap $100 one but not a crazy $600 one. As of tomorrow we should be able to finally use our bikes again!

three: You wouldn't believe how many drafts I have for my blog. So many I just can't seem to finish or post. Such as: how everyone thinks they're a moderate, why I'm reformed, why I'm a proponent of natural childbirth, and theories on people's "internet selves". Guess now you know why they're drafts, nothing like pushing people's buttons. But fear not, I think they'll debut eventually...I'm not that much of a people pleaser. :)

two: I'm handling a sticky situation a work where...uh, wait, HIPPA...nevermind.

one: Henrik is finally getting chubby! I love fat babies!

Well, lunch is over. The curry was still spicy and it's time to get back to my real job.


Sarah said...

publish those drafted posts - I would enjoy reading them :)

Daveana said...

I think you should publish those drafts!!! I find I moderate myself too much because I worry what other people think. Yay for fat babies!

leah said...

agree to agree -- publish! can't wait to see chubby henrik! :)

Heather Hoerr said...

fun bog tweets!

10 - it is a super beautiful day. a perk of being a stay-at-home mom... afternoon rest in the sun :)
9 - sounds delicious. would love the recipe. and it's always kind of fun to eat food so spicy your nose runs, I think.
8 - sounds like my part of town
7 - your cat and my kid ate the same thing today, only Beck's weren't old... I don't think. ;)
6 - so there will be a henrik #2... good to hear! and I've heard good things about midwives, never used one myself
5 - haha.. this is funny.
4 - fun. chad and I both have bikes that we never use, probably b/c we don't have a bike trailer. what kind did you go with? we should probably invest in one of those.
3 - oohh... post those. they sound interesting. I enjoy your "controversial" posts and usually agree with you.
2 - sounds interesting...
1 - way to go Henrik! chubby babies are the best!

how's that for too many comments?! :)

Molly said...

This was great - very fun to read. Can't wait to see that Seb tomorrow.

Christen Leigh said...

Fun list! Agree with the others--I'm curious to know your thoughts on your variety of "controversial" posts. ;) Hey, it's 5:00! Happy almost Friday!

Sara Huber said...

Oh my, the tweets about Megan got a few laughs from me. Glad you took the plunge with the bike trailer...I bet you'll love it!

Jill said...

Sounds like you have some pretty interesting posts coming...I will look forward to reading them :) The nice thing about a blog is that it's YOURS...if someone is offended or doesn't agree, then they don't have to continue reading!

Betsy said...

I don't know what is so exhilarating about mowing, but getting out there in some cut-offs and a tank top, listening to my walkman and soaking up sun for several sweaty hours and coming in flecked with cut grass and smelling like gasoline fumes is a great thought to me.

Jeremy & Maria said...

Devin's right about special needs cats...in fact we used to have one. He would get so excited when we grilled chicken and fish he would jump up on the hot grill and try to lick the grate. He never could wait till it cooled down. He was also cross-eyed with a pronounced forehead...and one of my favorite cats. Ever.