Baby Gear Results

In pre-Henrik posts I had asked for thoughts on what baby stuff to get, not get, etc. I thought I'd share what advice I took and what we've liked (or haven't liked).

(No, I was not paid to do this post, but maybe I should be!)

This is not really related, but I wish someone would have told me to buy dye free infant pain reliever. Or maybe the dyed kind doesn't make other kids insanely hyper like it did to Henrik? Why do they even make it dyed in the first place?
Buy dye free!

We've LOVED our Britax stroller - navigates well and lightweight. The Britax car seat that goes along with the travel system? HEAVY. I think it's one of the heavier car seats you can get and it's a huge pain to lug around. It's well made and functional, but just bulky.

Just to throw an actual - life photo in here. Henrik 3 days old. AWE

As much as I was anti "stuff" - some kid junk sitting around, despite taking up precious space, has been rather helpful. Mainly - a swing! I was all paranoid that letting Henrik nap in a swing would mean he wouldn't sleep his bed. Maybe if we had done it from day one, that would have been the case, but we didn't get the swing until he was about a month old. We didn't have to buy one, just borrowed, but had we known how helpful it was going to be, we would have spent lots of money on one! H has had reflux since he was born, so I think being propped up and moving was the key.

One of many swing naps helping all of us keep our sanity.

Moby wrap...mixed feelings. It was great for when he was under two months. But after that, it was hard to use and didn't stay put. But to be fair, I haven't given it many chances because messing with all that fabric is annoying. The Bjorn we borrowed has been very helpful and Henrik loves it. However, he's soon growing out of that, so I'm thinking about investing in a Beco. My sister has one and says it's great.
Maybe I just wasn't doing it right...but I could NEVER get mine to wrap that nicely.

Bjorn travel bed light: this was recommended by a couple different blog friends. We've totally love it. So easy to travel with, well made, not too big. From when we've used or been around other pack 'n plays, I think the Bjorn travel bed is the way to go. Devin says this is his pick for the best engineered baby item. "A marvel of modern engineering", in his terms.
That's not Devin, just in case you were wondering.

Cloth diapers. I hadn't really thought a ton about using them until a reader suggested them. She also gave me tons of info on type, caring for them, etc. (thanks, Marissa!). I'm so glad we're using them! We use Bum Genius one-size (meaning they adjust as Henrik grows). They go on similar to disposables. Honestly, I was worried they'd be a huge pain and that when we traveled I'd be relieved to use disposables. Totally hasn't been the case. If anything, I've regretted using disposables on vacation because Henrik almost instantly gets a rash, you have to change them much more often, and they smell.

I don't mind the extra laundry, I just get more trips downstairs, so more exercise. :) The only things we haven't liked is that they make his pants/shorts hard to get on (bulky butt!) and stuffing them (putting the liners in the covers) gets old sometimes. But, on the other hand, it's a great excuse to sit down to an episode of West Wing and stuff some diapers. :) I'm really glad we use them...for Henrik's skin, for long-term savings, and for the environment.

We still don't have a high chair, I don't think we'll get one. For now, he uses the Bumbo. And we also have a Chicco clip-on high chair that he's fitting into. I'm not really sure why we'd take up more space with a high chair sitting around when we have a large dining table that he can just sit at with us. Maybe I'll change my mind eventually? But for now, I think we'll do without a high chair. Plus, the only ones that aren't ugly or bulky (in my opinion) are hundreds of dollars and that seems silly.
Henrik does have some of the seemingly standard baby thing like a bumbo, play mat, and an exersaucer, but they're borrowed. I think that's the way to go with those things...someone always has one they're not using and it's one less thing that has to go in storage.

Coming (sometime) soon...what I wish I would have known for labor/birth/being a new mom and how hindsight is always 20/20.


bri said...

No high chair is definitely the way to go. We have one and only used it for Kylin. For the other two, we used the bumbo and then the fisher price plastic fold and go seat w/ tray that straps on to regular chairs. So nice! No need to take up all that room w/ a big high chair!

L, Ann and boys said...

high chairs are so last century...just kidding. But we have never owned one and since we're on kiddo six don't think I'll change my mind on that one. The fold up travel tray seats are just fine and my all white one doesn't bug me aesthetically. I clean hard stains (ie pasta sauce...) with Bar Keepers friend. I clean pretty much every white surface in this house with that really. :)

Fun list. Look forward to the next post on hindsight being 20/20 :)