Saying No

I recently told someone that I don't have a problem telling people "no".

Like many statements I make, it seems the next week everything changes and I'm eating words. Right now I'm feeling like I'm suddenly getting bad at saying no; mostly at work. In the past week I've said yes to 3 different things that aren't within my job description and are only making life more stressful. Trust me, I would prefer not to be this busy right now.

So...I guess I was wrong. I'm not good at saying no with certain things because I like to be involved. I like to feel important. I like to have a say. And honestly, I like to be in charge, which ultimately results in days that aren't very enjoyable. At least I'm good at recognizing that I only have myself to blame. (Which means next week I'll probably be resisting taking responsibility for something and blaming others. :)

Speaking of work...yesterday I closed out the last case I was handling from my case management days. I kept this case even though I switched positions because I had to see this one through.

Four children, previously neglected/abused, were adopted into a wonderful, Godly family. The D family have become friends over the past few years and I've watched the four kids literally blossom since being placed in their home as foster children. Now, they're officially part of the family! It's a beautiful thing. The D family have four biological children, two that are still at home (the oldest two kids in the photo) and now they have four more and start the process of raising children all over again. Love them and thankful for happy endings in a job where happy ending are hard to come by.


Sarah said...

love your honesty :)

wow, this is beautiful and such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

leah said...

I ditto my sister, love your heart and honesty.

And I absolutely love this story of redemption and transformation for these kiddos! What a beautiful gospel picture.

Linda said...

Love this happy ending and the part you played in it :)

Sara Huber said...

I remember you talking about these kiddos a few years ago and the drastic change you saw in them so quickly once they were surrounded by a supportive and healthy family. I'm so glad you were able to attend the adoption hearing. You should post this photo in your office to keep perspective that kids' lives ARE being changed through your work. :)