I was a little nervous about doing this blog fundraiser. What if it flopped? My fear of failure was definitely coming out, but then God kept reminding me this was about what He was going to do and I just needed to play the very small part of writing a blog post. And all I can say is that the Lord blessed this giveaway ABUNDANTLY above what I expected. 

How typical.

 My initial 'goal' was to get 20 people to donate and raise about $1000, maybe $1500. Um, I was definitely betting on the conservative side...

34 people notified me that they donated (and I suspect there were donors that remained anonymous). 

AND GET THIS: around $4000 was raised out of this blog giveaway, which was the amount of Molly and Jarod's loan from Lifesong! Coincidence? I doubt it.

Thanks to each and every one of you who blessed the Steffen family in this way. I was humbled by your excitement and generosity and so were they! A quick note from Molly:

Jarod and I are encouraged and blessed by the contributions and support from so many friends, family, and even strangers. Beyond that, we were blessed by the comments, words of encouragement, and the many promises of prayer. Thank you to each of you that thought of us and said a prayer for this adoption journey! 
-The Steffens

 I sincerely wish I could give each of you a prize. But that would be a bit counterproductive to the whole fundraising thing. So, here are the 4 names that were drawn (yep, I went old-school with strips of paper in a vase - much to my husband's dismay - he thinks everything should be done using an app).

THE WINNERS ARE............... 

(Beth, there are a few different designs of the bag. We'll connect over email to see which one you would like.)

Winners: please email me at emilygutwein@gmail so we can get your prize to you!

Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your support and generosity! 

PS - if you like giveaways, I'm giving away a book next week so stay tuned!


leah said...

Praise GOD! I'm so thankful for this awesome response!!

congrats to all the winners (i think it's cool that two adoptive moms were winners!)

great job em--this was an excellent idea!

Sarah said...

I am SO excited how this turned out! Praise God! Congrats to the winners!

Such a fun idea, Emily :)

Linda said...

This is awesome Em! Bless you for doing it and God bless all of you that gave!

Nichole said...

very cool. and the exact amount? gave me chills. Isn't our God grand?

Christen Leigh said...

How cool! What an answer to prayer! :)