I haven't really been thinking about the new year...if it weren't for being off work tomorrow and having late night Monday plans with friends I think I would forget entirely that it's almost 2013. I haven't made any resolutions or thought at all about things I'll accomplish next year. My thoughts are completely centered around getting work all settled for maternity leave, being ready to go into labor (as ready as one can be), meeting the Pops, becoming a mom, and our lives changing drastically. I don't think January 1, 2013 will be any sort of a new beginning...I think whatever day this child is born in January will be the real day that matters to us.

However though, I am all about reflecting...and 2012 has been such a great year. Packed with lots of change, but so good. Married the best boy, took fun vacations, bought a house, (accidentally) conceived the Pops, and really just thoroughly enjoyed every day of life with Devin.

Here are some of my favorite shots of life in 2012...

This was Jan 2012 - all I can think about is how skinny I look. But I guess everyone seems skinny to me these days. :)

Hot date!

Family vacation in July

I didn't actually take this photo...but it's so good of my parents! It's been quite the year for them - each having a hospital stay. Praying for no more of that in 2013! Love and appreciate my parents so much!

Sweet Os! He's grown so much since this photo and just keeps getting cuter!

Pops at 13 weeks

Pops at 21 weeks

College friend weekend in October - so much fun!

Sisters...always a highlight to every year of my life!

My Grandma G - the dearest of women.

Best Friday night ever!

Well, I could find tons of other pictures to post from 2012 that I love, but I'll leave you with one of my most favorites...

Doing life with this guy has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I can't believe I ever enjoyed life without him! In all this drastic change in such a short time, two things keep me sane - the sovereignty of God and the amazing husband he gave me. And even though I still mourn that our married without children stage was so short - I know a year from now I'll be saying I can't imagine how I enjoyed life without H or S (well, let's hope so anyways). Oh and 'H or S' are the initials of our child's name (dependent on gender) - you can surmise as you wish. :)

Happy 2013!


Linda said...

What a nice recap of the year and tribute to your main man! I can't remember where that picture of dad and I was taken??

leah said...

oh i love this recap...how fun! what a year it has been. it's been so fun doing life together and i can't wait to meet pops! i have a feeling motherhood will exceed your every expectation! :)

love you friend! and happy 2013 to you & yours!

T and M said...

now that we're thinking about names again, I am VERY curious what H & S stand for. enjoy the rest of your pregnancy ( : Mandy

Sarah said...

Great yearly recap! It's been so fun to watch this exciting year unfold - thanks for documenting it all for us :)

Happy New Year! Love ya!

Sandra said...

Great Recap!! Your 2012 was full of blessings and I can guarentee you that adding a little baby to the mix will make 2013 AMAZING!

Can't wait to hear the name. H or S??? HMMMMMM my mind is spinning with ideas:)

Betsy said...

Little Harvey or little Shannon will be so blessed to call you and Dev his/her parents!!

J Gutwein said...

I have my guesses for the name and you can ask your sister, Sara, concerning my incredible accuracy.. Finley took one guess without an initial even ;)!!

Britni said...

What a year! You will have so many great adventures in 2013 as a new momma :). My guesses are hector or stacy ;) haha.

smw said...

fun post. :)

Christen Leigh said...

Aw fun recap!! :)