Weekend Words

Because there are no pictures.

Despite how easy it is to take one's iPhone out of one's pocket and snap some photos, it just did not get done this weekend.

We didn't take any pictures of our sporadic and fun date Friday night with tasty Italian food.

I didn't snap a photo of Devin assembling our new fire pit or raking our lawn or hanging fun lights outside for our housewarming party. He didn't get any pictures of me cleaning the house like a madwoman or baking up a pumpkin storm. We didn't photograph the 26 guests that graced our home Saturday evening for what turned out to be quite a fun (and slightly crowded) Fall gathering. I don't have pictures for you of the four amazing soups (butternut squash, taco, bbq chilli, coconut lentil) simmering in crock pots all in a row or the pans of delicious cornbread (you really should have tried the jalepeno/bacon/cheddar!). And there there were the desserts...full of pumpkin and apples and cream cheese frosting and crumbly topping and oh so moist.

I don't have pictures to show off our beautiful friends and family and how cute all the girls were looking in their (non-maternity) Fall gear or the two funny kids who camped out up in Pop's room with a movie but snuck down the stairs often for another taste of veggies and hummus.

There isn't any documentation to be found of the guys camped out around the fire in discussion while they passed around a GC growler of Oktoberfest or the girls standing around the kitchen chopping up some last minute garnish for the soups and drinking cucumber water. No photos of the smaller, late-night group huddled around the fire with hot cider telling funny stories. Also no photos of the mysterious cat that kept being heard but not seen...though there wouldn't be any photos of an unseen guest now would there?

I didn't snap a quick photo of the (what seemed like) hundreds of plates and bowls and mugs scattered about that needed tossed or washed. Or the filthy kitchen floor that had just been scrubbed hours before. I can't show you my awesome husband diligently helping with all the cleanup or the clumsy wife who broke yet more glass (dang pregnancy hands).

And finally, I also don't have any pictures of our gloriously lazy Sunday afternoon grazing on leftover treats on the couch with NHL 13 and Downton Abbey (his and hers respectively).

But I can assure you - it all happened - you'll just have to take my word(s) for it.


Aaron and Jill said...

I love this post :) You are a really good writer! And it sounds like your weekend was amazing!

Sara Huber said...

I agree...well-written! It sounds like a perfect weekend!

Daveana said...

I even brought my camera to take pictures with my friends I never see, it sat in my bag the WHOLE night. :( Your wonderful husband and your poor glasses!!! :) Thanks for Hosting!

Jodi said...

Oh Em! I love your words :)

Miss ya!

leah said...

oh how cute. this is adorable.

great party, yummy food, cute house, good friends.


Christen Leigh said...

Fun post! I felt like I was reading a unique short story. :)

Also, thanks for hosting us at your house. 'Twas a grand time for all!