My sister Sara starting following Mel's Kitchen Cafe´a few years ago and passed on the wealth of great recipes to the rest of us. Even though that was a season of my life where I didn't really cook, I definitely took note because everytime I visited Sara I would get stuffed with the tastiest meals and desserts (all of which she would say came from MKC blog). Her blog is always linked on the side of mine and I highly recommend it.

Anyways, I remember Sara making this amazing pasta salad with pesto and went searching for the recipe this weekend when I told Molly I would bring a pasta salad over for dinner (doesn't this weather just put you in the mood for a pasta salad?!). So here it is...along with my modifications...

Photo linked to recipe
I decided to only use what I had on hand, which made a half (or 3/4) batch and only used fusilli pasta. I didn't have quite enough pesto, so I used half pesto and half balsamic vinegar Good Seasons dressing that I had made. I used carrots instead of peas and no Mayo (which might have been a mistake, but I have a hard time using Mayo) . I also didn't have pine nuts, which definitely would have greatly added to the pasta salad.

Regardless, it turned out well, though as with all pasta salad, the noodles soak up the dressing so quickly and leave it tasting much more dry than when you made it. But what really ended up being good...I used the leftovers as a meal by heating it on the stove and adding chicken. It may have been even better hot.

I really am loving my time in the kitchen these days, if you can't tell.


leah said...

how fun! this looks great. i LOVE pasta salad.

and i've always seen that link on your blog but have never actually gone there...i may have to start checking it out!

keep the food items coming--i love seeing new ideas!

Daveana said...

Looks delicious! And I'm with you on the Mayo!

Linda said...

Love your recipe posts! I too, enjoy MKC and find it is my first "go to" site for a recipe.
As for substituting whatever you have on hand...I think I know where you get that :)
BTW- I'm making Mel's Jambalaya tonight.

Rebekah said...

I love Mel's Kitchen blog! I have tried tons of her recipes and all have been good! I haven't tried this one though...looks and sounds great!

Sara Huber said...

I did not remember that recipe having so much mayo! I bet I modified it too. :) There is another pasta salad recipe on her site that I think is my has pine nuts too and some pesto, so kinda similar.

How great that you are loving being in the kitchen..I'm sure Devin is happy about that too!

Betsy said...

oh Em, who would've thought you'd be so good in the kitchen?! Hope you're getting good use out of your British apron! :)