The Glass Castle

This book is an autobiography, but it reads like a novel. Several times I found myself engrossed in the tales of this crazy family only to be hit with the reality that this was a true story. The lives were (are) real and the comprised stories their family history.

This memoir is extremely entertaining. I mostly marveled at the resiliency of the kids and fumed at the two characters who called themselves parents.

The book tastefully records what has to be one of the most unique childhoods anyone could have. There are slightly disturbing portions and strong language, but I still definitely recommend the book. I love books that give uncanny insight into a certain group of people. This particular insight definitely helped me in how I think about my job and the kids I work with and their ties to family despite extreme dysfunction.

The Glass Castle left me thinking about grace...the endless grace these children extended to their parents and the unfortunate amount of grace the parents extended to themselves. While the book technically ends "happily", it reeks of the absence of the grace that matters - the grace of Jesus.

Oh and thanks to my reader-savvy husband for the recommendation and  scouring the downtown library to find me this book!


leah said...

i loved this book! it brought up sooo many emotions in me. i'd laugh, cry, gasp, and feel some very real anger at their crazy life!

my favorite part involves a van and a highway and the news. (bahaha!)

Sarah said...

I also enjoyed this book. It was horrifying at times and unbelievable other times...uhg!

My favorite part was after she moved to the city and her parents joined her later in their they made the news. It was such a terrible part in the book for Jeannete, but I laughed so hard.

*sigh* this book has such mixed emotions.

(I just read Leah's comment...haha...we said the same thing!)

Rebekah said...

I loved this book should read the one she wrote about her mom's mom. Good too...not quite as shocking as this one but still a great read.

My thoughts as I read "The Glass Castle" was how, I as a parent, have that same selfish nature within me that made Jeannette's parents behave so badly. It was sobering to me as a mom to look at the ways I can hurt my kids because of my selfishness...even if it isn't as outlandish as these guys were.