And by that, I mean:  our honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Well, first things first. We did get married. Here we are after the wedding in our honeymoon suite :) and before a VERY quick night leading to a VERY early morning to the Indy airport (thankfully early enough to avoid Superbowl chaos).

We were quite thrilled to be greeted by sunny skies, 80+ degrees, and gorgeous beaches.
There were fun photo opportunities to be seized.

There were an abundance of palm trees and coconuts.

There were interesting martinis to be sipped in the VIP bar before dinner. (Thanks to my dear friend Kim who let us use their vacation club! hence the VIP status)

There were good books to be read under beach huts by the ocean.

There were dinners of sushi and hot meat and rice off of a hibachi grill to be devoured.
There was sun to shade one's face from and crystal clear water to snorkel in.

There were pools of sharks and stingrays to hold and swim with. There were brave husbands and freaked out, but adventurous, wives.

There were really hot boys.

And filling dinners.
There were good local beers.
There were flamingos to be observed.
And beach beds to be napped in.

The best part was spending a week with my favorite person and still not getting enough of him. Personally, I think we should honeymoon every year. What a great trip!


Christen Leigh said...

Awww I loved this!! Such a fun update!! :) I also loved seeing you in Leo yesterday.

Sara Huber said...

You two are adorable. Great pics!

smw said...

so so sweet. makes me feel very wistful looking at these.

Tami said...

I should honeymoon every year. :) How fun!!! I'm so glad you took pictures!!

Sarah said...

Love how you wrote this post...beautiful time, I see :)

Thanks for giving us a glimpse!

Betsy said...

What a smashing success of a honeymoon it seems! The beach looks delightfully au natural and not too commercialized. Also gotta love your little golden VIP bands!

Linda said...

Great pictures- looks wonderful! Hope you never get enough of him :)

leah said...

oh how great--loved seeing some of these pictures! :)

agree to agree--honeymoon every year!

Daveana said...

Sharks, stingrays. Which oh which adventurous wife did you you partake? Fun pictures! So CUTE!

L, An and boys said...

uhhmmmmmm-hmmmmmm so nice. =)