Highly recommend:

I've really been enjoying Mark Driscoll's sermons on the Gospel of Luke.
This has been my favorite so far.

It's a bit long, but worth your time and perfect to listen to while driving or folding laundry or addressing Christmas cards, etc.


L, An and boys said...

got my laundry folded AND some packing done for the holiday travel. THNAKS ;)


leah said...

woooo. thanks for the recommendation...i heard him speak at catalyst and really enjoyed his teaching...thanks for sharing!!

T and M said...

this will be perfect for our car trip, thanks!

Jon y Amy said...

Good suggestion. You and Devin should listen to his series, "The Peasant Princess". It is an 8 part on SOS. So good, maybe do it after you are married if you are going to do it together, otherwise you could do it anytime. :) Excited for you and your short 8 weeks!