A glaring fault.

First of all, just because I love it...

 Aww...okay so anyways...

Devin walked in last weekend and saw something similar to this...

He laughed and made some comment about how I always "kick my shoes off right when I walk in." I promptly reminded him that he does the same thing. To which he replied, "yeah, but mine are off to the side, not right in the middle of the walkway."

Hmm...true. I hadn't really thought about it, but yes, I do that. But mainly because I can. I'm the only one coming in and out on a daily basis and I just step over them without any thought.

In February, another person is moving in with me (other person being the same lad who pointed out the shoe faux pas). Which caused me to realize that living alone hasn't helped my organization skills.
For instance...

Kitchen table: not so much a place for eating, but for bills, unopened mail, bags of goodies, winter clothing, mac, fingernail polish remover, and whatever else is conveniently dropped here.

 My "clothing chair": A folding chair whose main job is to hold the stack of clothes that:
-don't need washed
-are annoying to hang up
-I might wear this week or next
-I don't really have a good place for it

Bar/counter area: Another catch-all. Can you tell I hate organizing mail and paperwork? If you can't tell from the counter and table I could post a picture of my desk...but I just can't bring myself to. Or you could go visit my office desk as well...disaster.

So, the bottom line: getting married is also going to force me to get organized. Maybe some sort of file system? Maybe labeled boxes? Or maybe just one huge container that I can throw crap in and shove under by bed? I seriously do clean and pick up! But I cannot seem to keep the place in order...sound familiar mom? This is exactly how my bedroom was in high school. My mom even photographed it at one point to capture just how bad it was.

Regardless, something will have to be done. Maybe marriage will magically turn me into a neat freak?

Dev, please don't break up with me. I promise I'll change.


Amber said...

Maybe I should have Ryan comment on this one . . .instead of me. : )

Funny enough, kids have forced me to get organized more than marriage has!?!?!?!

I'm sure that's the comment you were wanting. : )

Sandra said...

You can ask my mother this even, but when I was in high school I was so messy that like your mom probably...thought Id never be clean or pick up after myself. But I am now one of the more "clean and organized" out of the three sisters. Tricia use to always have her room as clean as can be and mom would always want my room like tricia's when younger...now its almost the opposite. So don't give up hope:)....marriage may indeed help those things out like it did me!! What date is your wedding planned for?? Im assuming february....what a wonderful cold time of year for a wedding. I was married in January and instead of rice or bubbles being thrown/blown...it was snow balls!! :)

Anonymous said...

You are so cute in love. Nuf said. Oh, and if you're anything like me, marriage will not radically transform your cleanliness habits.....but maybe you'll be better off than I! ;)

Sara Huber said...

Cute post :)...love the pic too!!!!

Devin seems like the type of guy who has some great organizational/file system so maybe you can jump on board with his plan. Or if you continue to leave things scattered he may just deal with it for you. :)))

leah said...

haha oh i love it!

excited to see how marriages changes things or not!

love you!

Betsy said...

In my experience, there is just no way to keep a small apartment uncluttered - especially with 2 people's stuff combined! Maybe you have more room than - err - Purdue Village, but that place was always a nightmare. Once we moved to a bigger place that helped. Or maybe after a year of clutter I just got so sick of it that I changed my ways? I'll quote my friend Jess's motto that I remind myself of: A place for every thing, and everything in it's place.

Daveana said...

Your apartment strangely looks a lot like mine.