Phones & Food

During the actual purchase, I can assure you that Devin was much more excited about my new iPhone than I was. I was mainly getting it for 3 practical reasons: 1 - it was time for a phone upgrade, 2 -  I needed a new iPod (mine was a 4gb from 2006 with about 40 min battery life), and 3 - I was wanting a new camera (mine was old and broken). This phone could triple as phone, camera, iPod...easy decision. However, after spending about 24 hours with her, I've quickly found tons of other reason for why she was a great purchase.
You may be thinking, "her?"...yes, it's a she, Siri to be exact. This phone is complete with the personal assistant feature, called Siri. 
By simply commanding her, Siri will reply to a text, schedule an appointment, find area attractions, do a search for you online, recommend restaurants, and even give coy and sarcastic comments to crazy questions that your boyfriend asks her. This feature is already being used much more than I thought it would.

In other weekend news...
Here I am, playing with Siri and ignoring Devin while he photographs the amazing waffle we split at taste. Twice now, we've gone to taste after church and split their special waffle, along with an order of
pommes frites (aka the best french fry you will ever have).

Good picture quality, eh? The iPhone 4s' camera is just as good (if not better) as any digital point and shoot.

I wanted to say this is our new tradition after church...but I wasn't sure if twice counted as a tradition? Regardless, it's quite the unhealthy combo, but rather delicious.


smw said...

i still live in the dark ages without a cell at all, but i am determined that mine will be an iphone, whenever i break down and get one. (unless there is something way better by then.) :)

that waffle looks awesome. i'm wondering if it's in my home town or the boyfriends.

emilykate said...

Shar: I think it's impressive you don't have a cell phone. I'm sure your life is less distracted, which sounds nice.
Also, we were in his town. Unfortunately taste does not exist in FW.

Betsy said...

I've eaten that waffle's incredible. But I'm telling you, TRY the bread pudding too. To.Die.For...:) Love that the phone is white, btw.

L, An and boys said...

I always said I didn't need to text and didn't mind calling...then one day Siri walked through the door with a cute note from Luke and I'm not looking back. The dictation of e-mails, texts and directions is amazingly accurate most of the time...even with my kids making noise in the background. =) I think it's quite humorous when it mixes up the responses too. ;) My old ipod will be docking on our alarm clock indefinitely and I will feel better running with a cell phone. All this to say, I feel you sister, the phone is like a whole new technological experience for me...I keep saying "it just does it" over and over. =)


Kristen said...

The first week I had the new iPhone, I would hate to guess how many times I told Nick, "I love Siri!" :) She is awesome.

And Taste's waffle is awesome. Next time try the strata too! If you can split the waffle and the strata, it's a perfect meal.

leah said...

oh man. i'm a little green w envy. i love those iPhone...much to my mr's dismay. :)

looks like a FUN weekend...can't wait to connect and hear the details.

oh hey, guess what? we live in the same town. horrayy!

Christen Leigh said...

Well, my already growing urge toward an iphone is....growing...... :)

Food looks amazing, btw! YUM!

Christen Leigh said...

Also--you look super cute in that picture.

Daveana said...

Looks super fun and yummy! Love the picture of you!