the last week

was spent here.

with perfect weather,

and great people.

needless to say,

i wasn't real interested in coming home.

now i'm left with great memories,

a good tan,

and a broken tailbone that was never going to heal if i stayed on vacation doing all of my normal lake activities.

farewell for now lakehouse,

see you in september.


Kendra said...

hope your tailbone heals quickly. i bruised mine in 5th grade and it is very painful. glad you had a good time on your vacation. miss you!

Daveana said...

Hope you heal well. It's kind of funny, I bruised/broke (we'll never know) mine in 5th grade as well. It took years before I could sit on a floor. But you had a good time, which is awesome!

Hope to see you around soon! :)

leah said...

oh man, i love that view!

glad you had a good trip!

Tricky said...

Glad you had a good time! Sure looks beautiful!

Sarah said...

You REALLY broke your tailbone?! OUCH!

(sounds like a WONDERFUL time!)

smw said...

that looks lovely. :)

i think i broke my tailbone once, but i never had it checked to be sure. it literally hurt if i sat on it wrong for over a year. i hope that isn't the case for you...