Another One

I now have TWO live things to look after because I just received a very thoughtful housewarming gift. This must be a sign that God wants me to care for plants. :)

Chives and Parsley!

 And you can't really tell from the picture, but the pot is super cool as well.
I've been doing a bit of wiki-research (good idea Daveana) to assist me in keeping both my Jade plant and herbs alive. It's so fun having fresh herbs to use and I love fresh green to brighten things up around here. 
So thanks Mandy! Very sweet of you and yet more motivation to find fun recipes and invite some people over!

 I will say, that this past Friday night I hosted my first large group and really enjoyed it. Maybe I am more of the hosting type than I once thought. But to be fair...all I had to do was clean and rearrange a little furniture, the bridesmaides of the bride (it was a bachelorette party) brought in all the food, drinks, and decorations. So I kind of just sat back and enjoyed myself...regardless, I really did have fun hosting!


Christen Leigh said...

I loved being at the party with you! You made a great was like you'd been doing it for years! ;)

At this rate, you're going to have a full-blown greenhouse before you know it! :)

leah said...

haha. love the plants. you crack me up!

missin you girl! glad your hosting went well! you're a natural...

T and M said...

glad you liked the herbs. You really were a great hostess!

Tricky said...

how fun to have fresh herbs growing in your house! Enjoy!