April Book Review

I know, I know, it's only ten days into the month. I got through this one pretty quickly...mainly because it was an easy read and I had extra time last weekend, but I also enjoyed it. The author takes the reader through her years as food critic for the New York Times. Ruth Reichl's stories of upscale dining, going undercover, and her life's progression through these years is both entertaining and fascinating.

Throughout the book, I was constantly amazed by how much money people apparently spend eating out at fancy restaurants. I was also quite taken back by multiple foods I had never heard of. Guess I'm not as cultured as I thought. :) As the author dresses up in disguise, it was almost eerie how her personality would morph into someone else as well.

Garlic and Sapphires is easy reading that you can pick and put down as needed. I definitely enjoyed many aspects of this book but I started to lose interest towards the end and was ready to turn the final page. I did like that she includes some of the actual restaurant reviews she wrote. At the end of her reviews, she puts the name of the restaurant and her star rating of 1-4 (one being poor, four being phenomenal). So I'll end my review the same way....

Garlic and Sapphires


leah said...

haha. how creative! so fun. love your book reviews!

SO great chatting with you today girl. i miss you mucho! you.are.awesome.

Christen Leigh said...

Was I with you when you bought this? It sounds super familiar and I'm trying to remember why.

Anywho, I miss you and hope you are doing swell! Love ya!

Betsy said...

This is fun, Em! But 2 stars, eh? What's on tap for May? Or are you going to read another one in April?

emilykate said...

Chris, good memory. I looked at this book a while ago when we were at B&N. I didn't ever buy it though...read it from the library.

B, I'm on the wait list for The Help...so that's my next plan.

Betsy said...

Btw, those psalm 37 verses are favorites of mine.