A Good Idea (or at least I thought so)

So you know how you're supposed to shampoo your hair twice? Especially if you don't wash it daily or use a lot of product. Well, I was reading in a magazine (I forget which one) about this and they gave a rather good idea.

Use a cheap shampoo first to get dirt, oil, and product out of your hair so that for your second shampoo you can use a smaller amount of a more expensive shampoo. Because you want the better shampoo to be able to do it's job of making your hair healthier and not put all it's effort into de-oiling your hair.

I really fell for this idea because I like to use nice shampoo, but with my long, thick hair, shampooing it twice with large amounts of expensive shampoo would get...well, expensive.

I now use a cheap, standard daily clarifying shampoo first.

And then use something more expensive for round two.

Hair products is an area that I have found myself upgrading in since college. I'm not sure if it's in my head or for real, but higher quality shampoos really do seem to make a difference opposed to your average Suave or Pantene type shampoos.

So after much toiling (okay not really, more like 'some thought')  I came to this conclusion: there's a reason your hair always looks and smells 10 times better when you leave the salon.

I always wonder about things like this. Which generic products are as good as the brand name? Is the more expensive item always the better one? For instance, the other day I was comparing pro-biotic yogurts. The store brand claimed to be just like the name brand, and yet when I looked at the ingredients, the store brand had high fructose corn syrup and the name brand did not. Needless to say I stuck with the name brand. I'd definitely be interested in hearing any thoughts on this subject.

Deep, I know.


Amber said...

Actually, I found it quite interesting. : )

I use Pureology Shampoo/Conditioner and LOVE it. Every time I go to use it, the smell makes me feel like I'm on vacation. I figure at this stage of my life, that in itself is worth the extra dollars. : )

And how's this for a story I'm sure you can appreciate. About 6 months ago, I kept getting in the shower and smelling my conditioner. After about a week, I finally asked Ryan about it (he usually just uses Suave or something) and he admitted to having used it because he ran out and he just grabbed what "looked cheap." My limited hair product budget may have gulped a little bit.

All you said made sense to me. And hey - with how gorgeous your long hair is looking in pictures today (I was just thinking how much I liked it), I say I may try it. : )

Ashley said...

Hmmmm......very good question! I have wondered the same thing, especially as of late. When I go grocery shopping sometimes it is so hard for me to buy the store brand rather than the name brand. This is mostly due to pride and not as much ingredients but it has made me ask myself the same question. I am interested in the answers people conjure up.....I will stay tuned....

Daveana said...

Well Em, sorry to say I won't be much help in the thoughts part, although I am greatly interested in what other people have to say... Have you noticed a difference in your hair?

Ashley- in some basic food products, store brands are 'just' as good or better (depending on personal preferences). However you will find there will be the certain things you have to buy name brand. It will be a matter of trial and error! Good Luck :)

leah said...

hahaha. i love this. deep indeed.

hmmm...yeah, i'm not really sure. i feel like if and when i ever use really nice shampoo, i really can tell a difference...but those are few and far between...like when i get my hair cut once every 6 months.

i'm a cheapy all the way....suave...99 cents? how can i resist?!

but...you have great hair--i would maybe upkeep my if i had your goldie-locks :)

love you em! i'm missing you...and your lovely hair.

Sandra said...

Hmm, Im just cheap all around I guess. I have NEVER bought expensive shampoo or conditioner. I don't know if it would indeed make my hair healthier looking, but I guess to me its just hair and I don't really care to much about my hair's health:). I'll plan to stick with the cheap stuff. At least my hair is getting washed:) HEEEHEEE

Linda said...

I'm with Sandra..I like something that smells good but it would be hard for me to see the benefit of expensive shampoo. (I've never bought any either except as a gift) I do like your idea though Em, of using the cheap stuff first. I quess all around I would sooner buy the store brand than pay extra for a name brand (on most things). I always assumed many were made by the same manufacturer, only under a private label. I do realize this isn't always true and some off brands don't measure up, but to me it's worth a try. I'm not very good at taking the time to read labels or ingredients and you bring up a good point about the yogurt, Em.
Thanks for the thought provoking posts lately! :)
Amber: Betsy used to get so frustrated with her dad using her nice shampoo too, as he would just grab whatever was close :)