running out of time

so i move in less than 48 hours and packing isn't going so well. this is a direct result of procrastination and other priorities.

monday evening i had just started packing and got a call to hang out with some girls. then later got a call to help do a midnight kidnapping of my friend for his 25th birthday, which ended in ihop until 2 a.m (photo on left). tuesday i did a bit of organizing in anticipation of packing and then felt bored and distracted by another friends season i recently purchased. last night i wanted to have one last wednesday night dinner with the saud*rs and then wanted to go to church since i haven't been in leo a lot lately and then went out with friends afterward. so tonight is the night...seeing as i have plans tomorrow is my only chance to actually be prepared to move saturday. i think i kind of like it this way. the pressure to just get it done. although i'm already wanting to do something outside instead seeing as it's a perfect sunny 70 degree day, but i'm afraid i need to suck it up and get this done.

so here's to lots of cleaning, clearing out, and packing up.


Betsy said...

I hope you have a couple large rolls of packing tape! Wish I could lend you a hand, master packer that I am.

leah said...

i wouldn't wish to help you...but i'd love to sit and watch you pack...that's my specialty! :)

love you much girl; can't wait to see your new place!

Linda said...

Sounds like a busy social life this week! I hope the moving goes well and am looking forward to helping next weekend.

Christen Leigh said...

Good luck! I am going to shed a tear that I won't get to see Iger every time I visit you now........ ;)

Love ya!

Daveana said...

Hope the moving went well Em-