always something

so i've been living in my new place for a few weeks now. i'm loving it! but definitely noticing the influx in my "to do" list. there's always one more thing i need to get for my place. there's always some area that needs swept or organized. i'll be honest, I still have a large suitcase of clothes that haven't even been unpacked yet. i've been a little more interested in finding fun art for my art wall than getting my closet put together. :)

painting was really fun. my mom spent a couple days with me and we painted like mad. i love the colors, they turned out exactly how i had them pictured. well one of them didn't, but linda has some mad paint-mixing skills and after adding half a can of white primer to a color, it was what i wanted.

as much as i'd like to post some fun pictures of my place...i feel a bit odd about posting pictures of where i live, sleep, etc on a public blog. also, if i'm being honest, i don't want to go to anyone else's house and see the same paint colors or wall hangings. :) although i might post about my bed sometime...because well, it's amazing and fun and unique and a good story.

i hate that every day i seem to be spending money on something, but i guess that's just the reality of right are a few of my recent purchases:

a lamp...which oddly enough the pattern matches the chair it's sitting on. which, btw, isn't permanent. just a stand-in table until i find something i like...which i'm learning i'm a little more particular than i thought i was.

wine glasses...pretty self-explanatory.

okay so these aren't exactly apartment necessities...but body necessities as part of my new get-in-summer-shape plan. the reality that swimsuit season is here was not a pleasant one.

as you can see by my pathetic fridge...clearly one purchase i've been neglecting is food. but who doesn't like living on cereal, turkey wraps, and red peppers with hummus?

these bamboo sticks were a pretty random purchase...i really have no clue what i'll do with them...

so if you come visit (and you should) you are likely to find that the bamboo will still be sitting on that table, you can experience my awesome bed and paint colors firsthand. i'll be happy to serve you some hummus and pour you a glass of red wine as you intently gaze upon my wall of art. and i promise not to make you stand on my scale. :)


Daveana said...

Sounds like a wonderfully great deal Em-

(I also still have boxes full of things that I've moved home. Yep...Probably should get started on those.)

leah said...

i was just thinking...'em hasn't posted in awhile.' :)

i can't wait to see your place...let me know when you have an open house!


Christen Leigh said...

I was just lamenting to myself about your lack of posts, as well! It is always good to read an update from thee, maiden fair.

I eagerly anticipate viewing your beauteous apt. in a couple weeks!!

Love ya and have a super evening!

Sara Huber said...

I'm interested to see what you do with that'll have to post a pic once you figure it out. See you soon!!!