so we may have left our room on the cruise in a bit of a hurry. and it was pretty early and i had gotten to bed late so maybe i was just pretty out of it. apparently i was being pretty irresponsible because i've been missing a few things since the cruise...

i found one (my favorite pair of underwear) tucked away in a pocket of my suitcase that i forgot about. but the other two are still favorite long-sleeved black v-neck and the book i was reading: grace, faith, and free will.

carnival doesn't really give you a number to call (classic). you send an email to lost and found. they've replied with a standardized message saying they'll check into it and mail it to me if they find anything.

i'm not holding my breath.

but now i can't decide if i should just re-buy the book or wait for it to come...i mean i can't imagine many people wanting that book. the guy that took care of our room all week didn't look like much of a theology reader (english wasn't even his first language)...and i think my shirt would have been a little snug on him.

i hate feeling irresponsible! not to mention the book wasn't even mine...i really do think i'm getting less responsible after college. impressive, i know.


Tricky said... parents are on a cruise this week! Maybe they can just swing by Nassau and pick up your lost items ;) love ya

Sandra said...

you know if you don't rebuy the book you will never see the one from the cruise line....and if you do decide to rebuy the book you will end up getting the one you lost sent back to you. It never fails:)...however I guess if you do rebuy the book and then you get the one you lost can return it to the owner and have one for yourself to loan out to those who would like to read it:). Its no fun loosing things that aren't yours. Im not certain your shirt will get returned as quickly as the book might:). You have good taste and that just might be getting worn by some other lady at this exact moment:)

leah said...


mysterious indeed!


emilykate said...

I know Sandra! I thought the same thing...if I buy the book, I'll get it in the mail a couple days later...