say what you need to say?

the verdict is still out. is it really better to say too much than never to say what you need to say? (to quote john mayer)

lately i've been pretty much saying what i need (or want) to say. i like honesty from other people so i try to reciprocate. however, i'm beginning to wonder if it's really worth it. because the problem comes in when people don't really understand what you say and i've discovered when you have to start giving lengthy explanations for what you said, you probably shouldn't have said it.

i'm also finding that sometimes i say what i feel the need to say thinking it will impact or even change other people...and it rarely does. i'm usually left feeling bad or vulnerable. so as much as all of these cons should probably sway me towards keeping my mouth shut, at the same time i still like the feeling of getting things off my chest, despite the outcome.

like i said, the verdict is still out.


leah said...


Sandra said...

i like honest people too:). I say what I feel like I should say so I hope people do the same with me:). Is this a Gutwein trait?? :)

Christen Leigh said...

Well we both know how much I appreciate honesty..... although I, too, have been spouting off some things within the past week or so that I kind of regret, so I relate to your ponderings on the subject!

I was actually just thinking tonight that in general, most of my regrets are a result of me opening my big fat mouth. :) But, then there are times when it is quite liberating and necessary.... moderation? Oh, the accursed word!

Love you--have a splendiferous weekend. :)

Tricky said...

I too have always appreciated honesty :) Stick with it I say, stick with it!