roommate thoughts

there's a lot of things i miss about having a roommate, but one i've been noticing lately is not having someone to just make random comments to. plus i'm realizing all these little things that i took for granted about living with a best friend. for instance...

~i've been having some pretty bizarre dreams lately with random people in funny circumstances...i keep forgetting them because i can't get up and describe them in detail to a good listening friend.

~when the radio was on the other day i came to the conclusion (which i wanted to verbalize, but no one was there) that i would almost rather listen to country music than anything by miley cyrus. for anyone who knows me well, that says just how annoyed i am by her music. i could elaborate further on this subject, but i'll spare you.

~i saw a rather good looking (unmarried) amish guy at the grocery store the other day. i'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but i was quite attracted to him & practically considered converting to a more simple way of living. yes, i'm that shallow. :)
this among other amish comments would be quite fun to come home and share with leah. i'm sure it would turn into lengthy discussions with outlandish scenarios.

~facebook statuses are barely worth reading anymore without someone to read them out loud to and share a good laugh with about the interesting decisions made by people who post fb statuses.

~i honestly can't remember the last time i had ice cream. (this is really more just a clear indicator that i no longer live with a bunch of girls)

~dancing around my kitchen early this morning while listening to "take a chance" just wasn't quite as fun w/o a companion.

~did you know there is actually another version of mansfield park than the one we watch? also, versions of emma and sense & sensibility we haven't seen. how did we miss this?!

~i used to fall asleep in less than a minute. these days it's taking much longer...this is suspicious seeing as i have no one to talk to me to keep me up.

~sometimes when my alarm would go off i would look below to see if leah was still in bed, if she was i would stay in bed a little longer hoping she would get up and make the coffee so it would be ready when i got up. if she wasn't there i would usually get up because if i didn't, i might miss the chance to sit in the living room and have our early morning chat time...err i mean devotion time. i can say with absolute certainty, this was my favorite part of the whole day.

hmm...i'm not sure if life will ever be quite as fun as it was living with 'muy bien good' friends. and no, this is definitely not my way of hinting i want a husband...honestly, i just want leah back. trust me, she's more fun than any guy could ever be.


Daveana said...

Yes Em- I did know there were other versions of the classic Jane Austen films that we never watched (together). I've seen tons of them, and several multiple times. I would check them out during the summer and have little marathons. Such Fun!

I've also considered converting to a much simpler lifestyle as well ;)...

Jodi said...

Amen Em, I know that feeling :).

If you are ever in a weird and easily entertained mood, try Bride and Prejudice. Its a musical version of Pride and Prejudice produced in India. The best song being 'no life without wife'...its muy bien interesting :)

leah said...

oh man, those were the days, weren't they?

i don't know what to comment on first! a much needed ice cream run (which WILL happen within the next three weekends i see you), watching any and every jane austin movie, thinking about you as an amish (wowzers) are hilarious.

love you mucho and i as well miss those days...i'm sure my talking would still put you to sleep! ;)


Betsy said...

Ryan says, "Emily as amish? That would never work. Can't you just see her churning butter?"

Christen Leigh said...

haha I agree there are way too many things to comment on in this post!

(1) The thought of you being an Amish is quite humorous.... but if you see the potential in his handsome smile..... flirt to convert! ;)

(2) Wow you really need to eat some icecream

(3) We just had a facebook status reading fest the other day-- such fun!

(4) You must record your dreams so we can try to interpret them!!

(5) I like how you're bringing back the "muy bien good" :)

Love and miss ya!